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Grind two cups of almonds and reserve one-quarter cup each of sugar and
nuts, and an egg yolk for decorating. Cream one cup of butter, add
three-fourths cup of sugar, then two whole eggs, almonds and two cups of
flour. Roll thin and cut in strips or squares, with fluted cookie
cutter. Brush with yolk, sprinkle with nuts and sugar, set aside, and
bake in medium oven.

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Take one-half glass of fat, two eggs, four cups of flour, two teaspoons
of baking-powder, one cup of water, one-half cup of sugar; knead
lightly, and roll out not too thin. Two cups of sugar, mix with two
teaspoons of cinnamon; one-half pound of grated almonds, one-half pound
of small raisins (washed). Reserve one-half of the sugar and cinnamon,
the nuts and raisins; brush the dough with melted fat and sprinkle with
almonds and sugar. Put a little of the almond and raisin mixture around
the edge and roll around twice. Cut in small pieces, brush every piece
with fat, and roll in the sugar and almonds which has been reserved for
this purpose. Place in greased pan and bake in hot oven.

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