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(Appetizers) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Cut the bread as for caviar canapés and spread with anchovy paste. Chop
separately the yolks and whites of hard-boiled eggs and cover the
canapés, dividing them into quarters, with anchovies split in two
lengthwise, and using yolks and whites in alternate quarters.

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For each person take a thin slice toast covered with anchovy paste. Upon
this place whole egg which has been boiled four minutes, so that it can
be pealed whole and the yolk is still soft. Around the toast put tomato

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17 Anchovy Canapes

Cut stale bread a third of an inch thick and cut out with a small round

cutter, and fry a golden-brown in butter or lard; boil two eggs hard,

bone and fillet the anchovies and curl two fillets on each piece of

toast and fill up the centre with the white of the eggs chopped fine and

the yellow rubbed through a sieve.

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Anchovy Canapes

Cream 2 tablespoons butter; add 1/2 teaspoon Anchovy paste; spread thin

slices of fresh toast with this; over that put slices of hard boiled or

chopped egg and on top one rolled anchovy.

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Anchovy Canapes

Cover a round or square of toast with anchovies that have been mashed

and seasoned with a little tomato catsup. Put a little chopped celery

around the edge as a garnish and send at once to the table.

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