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(Desserts) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Peel and grate one large sour apple, sprinkling over it three-fourths
cup of powdered sugar as it is grated to keep it from turning dark. Add
the unbeaten whites of two eggs; beat constantly for half an hour;
arrange mound fashion on a glass dish with cold boiled custard around

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Apple Snow

This will use the yolks of two eggs and any little sour cream that may be
left over. Shred the cabbage and soak it in cold water, changing the
water once or twice. When crisp, wring it perfectly dry in a towel. Beat
the yolks of two eggs, add a half cupful of sour cream, four
tablespoonfuls of vinegar; stir this over the fire until it thickens. Take
from the fire, add a half teaspoonful of salt and a dash of pepper; mix it
with the cabbage and turn it into the serving dish. This quantity of
dressing will be quite sufficient for about one quart of cabbage.

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Apple Snow

Put a dozen good tart apples into cold water, set them over a slow fire.

When soft, drain off the water, pull the skins from the apples, take out

the cores, and lay the apples in a deep dish. Beat the whites of twelve

eggs to a strong froth--put half a pound of powdered white sugar on the

apples, beat them to a strong froth, then add the beaten eggs. Beat the

whole to a stiff snow, then turn it into a dessert dish, and ornament it

with myrtle or box.

Other Recipes

Apple Snow

Make this dish when eggs are cheap. Pare and core a quart

of apples, (cost five cents,) stew them to a pulp with just water enough

to moisten them, rub them through a seive, and sweeten them to taste.

Beat the whites of six eggs, (cost six cents,) with two tablespoonfuls

of powdered sugar, to a stiff froth; beat the apple-pulp to a froth; mix

the egg and apple together very lightly, turning the bowl of the spoon

over and over instead of stirring it around; then beat them with an egg

whisk until they look like snow. Pile the snow high in the centre of a

dish, putting it in by the tablespoonful, and taking care not to break

it down; in the top of the heap of snow put a fresh flower or a green

sprig; and if you have any currant jelly, lay a few bits around the

base. The effect of the dish is very pretty, and it can be made for

about fifteen cents.

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