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Arrow-root Pudding

(Confectionary.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Boil a pint of milk with eight bitter almonds pounded, a piece of

cinnamon, and lemon-peel, for some time; then take a large

table-spoonful of arrow-root, and mix it with cold milk. Mix this

afterwards with the boiling milk. All these must become cold before you

put in the eggs; then beat together three eggs, a little nutmeg and

sugar, and the arrow-root, and strain through a sieve. Butter your

mould, and boil the pudding half an hour. The mould must be quite full;

serve with wine sauce, butter a paper to put over it, and then tie over

a cloth.

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How To Make An Arrow-root Pudding

Mix a large dessert-spoonful of arrow-root with the same quantity of

bruised sugar, and a tea-cupful of milk, in a small clean saucepan; stir

this on the fire until it boils, and keep on stirring it, off the fire,

for five minutes, until the heat has subsided; then add an egg, beat up

and thoroughly mix it into the batter, and then boil the pudding as

shown in the preceding Numbers.

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