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(Vegetables) - (A Poetical Cook-book)

Whose appetites would soon devour

Each cabbage, _artichoke_, and flower.


Soak them in cold water, wash them well, then put them into plenty of

boiling water, with a handful of salt, and let them boil gently till

tender, which will take an hour and a half or two hours. The surest way

to know when they are done enough is to draw out a leaf. Trim them and

drain them on a sieve, and send up melted butter with them, which some

put into small cups, so that each guest may have one.

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Cut in slices after parboiling them, dip in batter, and fry.

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Beat up three eggs, to which add one tablespoonful of grated cheese,
pepper, and salt, and mix thoroughly. Butter an omelette pan, and pour in
the mixture, keep moving it gently with a fork while you sprinkle in with
the other hand some cooked green peas. The omelette will be cooked by the
time you have sprinkled in two handfuls. Slip it off on to a very hot
dish, fold over, and serve at once.
[_Jean O._]

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Boiled Artichokes

The edible part of a French Artichoke is the base of the scales and the

bottom of the artichoke. The Jerusalem artichoke is a genuine tuber

something like a potato. They are differently treated in preparation for

cooking, but are cooked similarly. To prepare a French artichoke for

boiling, pull off the outer leaves, cut the stalks close to the bottom,

wash well and throw into cold salt water for two hours. To boil, plunge

them into boiling salted water, stalk end up with an inverted plate over

them to keep them down. Boil until very tender, season well, drain and

arrange on a dish with tops up. Pour over any good vegetable sauce. (See

Sauces.) To prepare Jerusalem artichokes for boiling pare and slice thin

into cold water to prevent turning dark, boil in salted water, season

and serve with drawn butter or a good sauce.

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Creamed Artichokes

Slice six artichokes, boil in salted water and when tender, drain. Brown

slightly in a saucepan one tablespoonful of butter and a dessert

spoonful of flour, add a cup of rich milk, season with a half

teaspoonful of salt, the same amount of sugar and a dash of pepper; boil

two minutes, then stir in two eggs well beaten in two tablespoonfuls of

milk, add the artichokes and the juice of half a lemon and let simmer

three minutes longer; when dished up sprinkle one-third of a salt spoon

of pepper over them and serve hot.

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Fried Artichokes

Boil and drain six artichokes, season with a sprinkling of vinegar, a

little salt and pepper and stand them aside for an hour; beat an egg,

add to it a tablespoonful of warm water, dip each slice in this, then in

flour and fry in hot fat. Serve with Sauce Tartare. (See Sauces.)

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Artichokes A La Lyonnaise

Boil, drain, put into a saucepan with melted butter and sweet oil and

brown on both sides, season with salt. Add a half cupful of meat stock,

thicken with a little flour and butter, and boil three minutes, squeeze

a little lemon juice into it, add a sprinkling of parsley and a dash of

pepper, pour over the artichokes and serve.

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Pickled Artichokes

Parboil artichokes, and pour over good strong vinegar. They make

excellent pickles.

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Artichokes A La Vinaigrette

Pare and throw into cold water at once. When ready for use cut into thin

slices, arrange them on lettuce leaves and serve with a French dressing.

(See Salad Dressing.)

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Steamed Artichokes

(Carciofi a vapore)

Artichokes have been only recently imported to the United States,

principally by Italian farmers, and they are just beginning to find

their way into the American kitchen. The artichokes may be eaten raw or

cooked. It is a healthy and palatable vegetable, easily digested when

cooked. It is nutritious and adapted for convalescents. It may be

prepared in a thousand ways, and here follow some of the simplest and

most tasteful.

To prepare the steamed artichokes they must first be cleaned and the

stalk cut to less than half an inch. Put them in a saucepan, standing on

their bottoms, one near the other, in half an inch or more of water. In

an opening made in the middle put salt and pepper, and pour inside as

much good olive oil as they may contain. Cover well the saucepan and put

it on the fire. The artichokes, that are already seasoned, will be

cooked by the steam.

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Stewed Artichokes

(Carciofi in stufato)

Wash the artichokes and cut the hard part of the leaves (the top). Widen

the leaves and insert a hash composed of bread crumbs, parsley, salt,

pepper and oil. Place the artichokes in the saucepan standing on their

stalk, one touching the other. Cover them with water and let them cook

for two hours or more. When the leaves are easily detached they are


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