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Beef To Salt

(Meats And Vegetables.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Into four gallons of water put one pound and a half of coarse brown

sugar, two ounces of saltpetre, and six pounds of bay salt; boil and

skim as long as any scum rises. When cold, put in the meat, which must

be quite covered with pickle: once in two months boil up the pickle

again, skimming carefully. Add in the boiling two ounces of coarse

sugar, half a pound of bay salt, and the same pickle will be good for

twelve months. It is incomparable for hung beef, hams, or neats'

tongues. When you take them out of this pickle, clean, dry, and put them

in a paper bag, and hang them up in a dry place.

Pork may be pickled in the same manner.

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Beef To Salt

Eight pounds of salt, six ounces of saltpetre, one pound and a half of

brown sugar, four gallons of water; boil all together, skim and put on

the beef when cold; the beef to be kept under the pickle with a weight.

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