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(Introductory Remarks.) - (The Jewish Manual)

Cut into thin pieces of the size of shillings and half crowns, cold
veal or poultry, lay it in a small saucepan with a handful of fresh
well cleaned button mushrooms, pour over a little veal gravy, only
enough to cover them, with a piece of clarified veal fat about the
size of the yolk of a hard boiled egg; flavor with a piece of lemon
peel, very little white pepper and salt, one small lump of white
sugar, and a little nutmeg, stew all together for fifteen minutes,
then pour over a sauce prepared in a separate saucepan, made with veal
gravy, a little lemon juice, but not much, and the beaten yolks of two
eggs, let it simmer for an instant and then serve it up in the centre
of a dish prepared with a wall of mashed potatoes, delicately browned;
a few truffles renders this dish more elegant.

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Take some slices of loin of veal, fry them in butter, with pepper and
salt, for twenty minutes. Take two spoonfuls of demi-glaze and heat it
with some mushrooms and a little madeira. Put the mushrooms and sauce on
each slice and sprinkle chopped parsley over all.
This can also be done with _fines herbes_, mushrooms, chervil and
parsley, chopped before cooking them in the butter.

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Blanquette Of Veal

2 cups cold roast veal

3 teaspoons cream

2 teaspoons flour

yolks of 2 eggs

20 or 30 small onions, the kind used for pickling.

Saute the veal a moment in butter or lard without browning. Sprinkle

with flour and add water making a white sauce. Add any gravy you may

have left over, or 2 or 3 bouillon cubes and the onions and let cook 3/4

of an hour on slow fire. Just before serving add yolks of eggs mixed

with cream.

Cook for a moment, sprinkle with finely chopped parsley and serve.

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Blanquette Of Veal

Put the pieces of veal saved for this dish into

enough cold water to cover them, together with a tablespoonful of salt

and one cent's worth of soup greens, the onion being stuck with ten

cloves; skim occasionally whenever any scum rises, and simmer until the

meat is tender, which will be in half or three quarters of an hour; then

take up the meat in a colander, and run some cold water over it from the

faucet; strain the pot-liquor, and let it boil again; mix together over

the fire one tablespoonful of butter, (cost two cents,) and two of

flour; when they are smooth add one quart of the boiling broth to them,

season with a teaspoonful of salt, quarter of a level teaspoonful of

white pepper, and quarter of a nutmeg grated; mix the yolks of two eggs,

(cost two cents,) with about a cupful of the broth, and stir them into

the rest; then put in the veal, and heat and serve it, with a quart of

boiled potatoes, (cost three cents.) The dinner will cost about thirty


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