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(Mutton--cooked) - (Made-over Dishes)

Chop sufficient cold boiled mutton to make a pint. Put two tablespoonfuls
of butter and one onion sliced into a saucepan; stir until the onion is
slightly brown; then add a half pint of stock or milk and four
tablespoonfuls of bread crumbs. Stand this on the back of the stove for
about five minutes while you blanch and chop fine a dozen almonds. Add
these to the meat, then add a teaspoonful of curry powder, and a
teaspoonful of salt. Beat three eggs until light, stir them into the meat,
then turn the whole into the saucepan. Rub the bottom of the baking dish
first with a clove of garlic, then sprinkle over a tablespoonful of lemon
juice and put here and there a few bits of butter; put on this the
mixture, and bake in a quick oven twenty minutes. Serve in the dish in
which it is baked, and pass with it plain boiled rice.

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