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(Salads And Sauces) - (The Art Of Living In Australia)

Brown gravy can be made from any kind of stock. If the stock is good,
put it into a saucepan and thicken every pint with 1 oz of flour. If
the stock is not very good, boil some vegetables in it with any
trimmings of meat and poultry available, and thicken with butter and
flour; a few drops of lemon juice will bring up the flavour. It should
be of a rich brown colour. It can be coloured with a little sugar burnt
in a spoon, or with a few drops of caramel, a recipe for which will be
found elsewhere.

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Take a little good beef consommé, or stock, a small piece of smoked
beef, or _chorissa_, a lemon sliced, some chopped shalots, a couple
of onions shred, a bay leaf, two or three cloves, and a little oil;
simmer gently, and add a little minced parsley, and a few chopped
mushrooms: skim and strain.

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This Is The Brown Gravy For The Fowl

Chop up an onion, and fry it with a sprig of thyme and a bit of butter,

and when it is brown, add a good tea-spoonful of moist sugar and a drop

of water, and boil all together on the fire until the water is reduced,

and the sugar begins to bake of a dark brown colour. It must then be

stirred on the fire for three minutes longer; after which moisten it

with half-a-pint of water, add a little pepper and salt; boil all

together for five minutes, and strain the gravy over the fowl, etc.

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Brown Gravy

Put a piece of butter, about the size of a hen's egg, into a saucepan;

when it is melted, shake in a little flour, and let it brown; then by

degrees stir in the following ingredients: half a pint of small beer,

the same quantity of water, an onion, a piece of lemon-peel cut small,

three cloves, a blade of mace, some whole pepper, a spoonful of

mushroom-pickle, the same quantity of ketchup, and an anchovy. Let the

whole boil together a quarter of an hour; strain it off, and it will be

a good sauce.

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