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From MISS MARY CREASE SEARS, of Massachusetts, Alternate Lady Manager.
Rub through a coarse sieve one can of tomatoes; cover with cold water
a half box of Cox gelatine and let it stand a half hour or more; then
pour in enough hot water to thoroughly dissolve it; then mix with one
full pint of the strained tomatoes; add a little salt; pour into small
round moulds and put in a cool place to harden. Serve on lettuce
leaves with mayonnaise dressing.

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Select a small, compact cabbage; strip off the outside leaves and cut
the head in quarters. With a sharp knife slice very thin; soak in cold
water until crisp; drain and dry between clean towels. Mix with hot
dressing and serve when cold.

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One small head of cabbage (cut fine), one pint of good vinegar, butter
the size of an egg, three eggs, well beaten with one tablespoon of
flour; salt and pepper to taste. Let dressing come to a boil, and
pour over cabbage while hot.

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Bavarian Cabbage Salad.

Blanch 1/4 pound of almonds and pound in a mortar. Then beat 4 eggs
with 1/2 cup of sugar. Add 1 teaspoonful of brandy and a teaspoonful
of wine and lemon-juice; add 4 lady fingers crumbled up fine. Beat all
together with the nuts; put in a well-buttered pudding-dish and bake.
Serve with wine sauce.

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Cabbage Salad

This salad requires about a pint and a half of chopped cabbage. The

cabbage should have the loose leaves removed, the stem cut out, and then

be laid in cold water twelve hours. Chop rather fine, pour over and mix

with it a boiled dressing. Heat three-quarters of a cup of milk and beat

two egg yolks with a fork. Mix with the egg a half-teaspoonful of

mustard, one half-teaspoonful of salt, a teaspoonful of granulated

gelatine that has been softened in a little cold water, a teaspoonful of

sugar and a few grains of cayenne. Cook a tablespoonful of butter and

flour together and add half a cup of vinegar. Now cook the milk and egg

mixture together like a soft custard and combine with the other part.

This dressing, if sealed tight, will keep a long time. When the cabbage

and dressing are mixed, fill little individual molds and set away to

cool. After-dinner coffee cups, wet in cold water, make good molds. Bits

of red beet or half an olive put in the bottom of the mold before the

cabbage is put in will make a pretty garnish when the salad is turned


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Cabbage Salad


Cut a cabbage into fine pieces. Place in water for a couple of hours

with one onion sliced thin. Throw water off, pass through colander.

Cover it with the dressing and let it stand for five or six hours. A

couple of beets can be chopped up finely and placed with it; this salad

will keep for a couple of days.

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Cabbage Salad

Finely shred one-fourth of a small firm cabbage. Let stand two hours

in salted cold water, allowing one tablespoon of salt to a pint of

water. Cook slowly thirty minutes one-fourth cup, each, vinegar and

cold water, with a bit of bay leaf, one-fourth teaspoon peppercorns,

one-eighth teaspoon mustard seed and three cloves. Strain and pour

over cabbage drained from salted water. Let stand two hours, again

drain, and serve with or without mayonnaise dressing.

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Cabbage Salad

1 nice cabbage, or sufficient young greens to make a dish.

Boil the cabbage in the usual way. When cooked, after thoroughly

extracting all the water, stand on one side to get quite cold. Place in

a salad bowl or glass dish, and pour over it half a pint of salad sauce

No. 173.

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Cabbage Salad

One medium head cabbage, three eggs beaten, six tablespoons cream,

and three of melted butter, (or five tablespoons milk and four of

butter), one teaspoon or more of mustard, one of pepper, one of salt,

one coffee-cup strong vinegar heated until it thickens but not boils.

Mix with the cabbage when hot. Cover tightly.--Mrs. H. D. Leonard.

* * *

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Cabbage Salad

Cabbage salad is possible at all seasons of the year, and should be one

of the first that the child should learn to make. Insist on getting

small, perfect heads, and have the leaves removed one at a time,

examined closely and washed as carefully as lettuce, for fear of worms.

After chopping finely, the desired quantity is to be seasoned with salt

and pepper and served on the small, tender white leaves, with the

following dressing:

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