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(German) - (Pennsylvania Germans)

Scald one pint of sweet milk in a double boiler. Stir into it one cup
of sugar and one rounded tablespoonful of flour, which had been mixed
smoothly with a small quantity of the milk before scalding. Add two
eggs which had been beaten together until light and creamy. At the
same time the milk was being scalded, a fry-pan containing one cup of
granulated sugar was placed on the range; this should be watched
carefully, on account of its liability to scorch. When sugar has
melted it will be brown in color and liquid, like molasses, and should
then be thoroughly mixed with the foundation custard. Cook the whole
mixture ten minutes and stand aside to cool; when perfectly cold add a
pinch of salt, one quart of sweet cream, and freeze in the ordinary

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From MRS. IDA M. BALL, of Delaware, Lady Manager.
One lemon (juice and grated rind), one cup sugar, yolks of two eggs,
one teaspoonful butter, one-half cup water, two teaspoonfuls
cornstarch, boil water and stir in above mixture.
_Icing for top_--Whites of two eggs, two tablespoonfuls of
pulverized sugar.
Fruit Cream.
From MRS. H. F. BROWN, of Minnesota, Lady Manager.
One quart of fruit (after being put through colander); one cup of cold
water--very sweet. Add the whites of three eggs (unbeaten). Put in a
freezer and freeze as ice cream, stirring continually.

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