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(Receipts For Invalids.) - (The Jewish Manual)

Make a fine smooth gruel of grits, with a few spices boiled in it,
strain it carefully and warm as required, adding white wine and a
little brandy, nutmeg, lemon peel, and sugar, according to taste, some
persons put the yolk of an egg.

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Boil half a pint of milk, add a spoonful of ground rice mixed with a
little milk till quite smooth, stir it into the boiling milk, let
it simmer till it thickens, carefully straining it, and sweeten with
white sugar.

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How To Make Caudle

Mix four ounces of prepared groats or oatmeal with half a pint of cold

ale in a basin, pour this into a saucepan containing a quart of boiling

ale, or beer, add a few whole allspice, and a little cinnamon, stir the

caudle on the fire for about half an hour, and then strain it into a

basin or jug; add a glass of any kind of spirits, and sugar to taste.

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Make rice or water gruel, as above--then strain it, and add half a wine

glass of ale, wine, or brandy. Sweeten it with loaf sugar, and grate in

a little nutmeg.

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Lemon Caudle

Take a pint of water, the juice of two lemons, the rind of half a lemon

pared as thin as possible from the white, a blade of mace, and some

bread shred very small; sweeten to your taste. Set the whole on the fire

to boil; when boiled enough, which you will perceive by the bread being

soft, beat three or four eggs well together till they are as thin as

water; then take a little out of the skillet and put to the eggs, and so

proceed till the eggs are hot; then put them to the rest, stirring well

to prevent curdling.

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