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(Vegetables) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Trim off the outside leaves and cut the stalk even with the flower. Let
it stand upside down in cold salted water for twenty minutes. Put it
into a generous quantity of rapidly boiling salted water and cook it
uncovered about twenty minutes or until tender, but not so soft as to
fall to pieces. Remove any scum from the water before lifting out the
cauliflower. If not perfectly white, rub a little white sauce over it.
Serve with it a white, a Bechamel, or a Hollandaise sauce; or it may be
served as a garnish to chicken, sweetbreads, etc., the little bunches
being broken off and mixed with the sauce.

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Remove the stalks and leaves, break the flower into pieces, parboil
them in brine, then drain them, and lay them in a jar, and pour over
boiling spiced vinegar.

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Take a solid head of cauliflower, scald it to take away the strong
taste; separate the flowers and proceed as with cream of celery soup.

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Finely chop cold cooked cauliflower, mix in one small, finely chopped
onion, one small bunch of parsley finely chopped, one-half cup of bread
crumbs and one well-beaten egg. Carefully mix and mold into croquette
forms, dip in cracker dust and fry in deep, smoking fat until a light
Peel the eggplant, place in hot water and boil until tender, drain, add
two eggs, salt, pepper, two tablespoons of matzoth or white flour or
bread crumbs, beat together; fry in butter or oil by tablespoonfuls.

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Finely chop one medium-size onion and a small bunch of parsley. Melt one
tablespoon butter in a pan and fry the onion until it is brown. Season
with celery salt. Blend in one tablespoon flour, add one cup boiling
water and let simmer for half an hour. Carefully clean the cauliflower
and boil for one-half hour. Drain the onion sauce, add three tablespoons
tomato catsup, drain the cauliflower, turn into a baking-pan, pour over
the sauce, place in a moderate oven for five minutes and serve hot.

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Drain and place the hot cauliflower in serving dish, and pour over it
two tablespoons fine bread crumbs browned in one tablespoon of hot
butter or fat. Serve hot. Asparagus may be served in this style.
Cook in salt water until tender. Spread with bread crumbs and butter.
Pour some sour cream over the vegetable and bake until the crumbs are a
golden brown.

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Boil and drain off the water, grease a baking-dish, line with a layer of
cauliflower, add a layer of toasted bread crumbs, another of cauliflower
and so on alternately, letting the top layer be of bread crumbs. Over
all pour one cup of boiling milk, dot the top with butter and bake in a
moderate oven for twenty minutes.

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Brown a minced onion, add cauliflower cut in pieces with a small
quantity of water; stew, add salt, white pepper, a little sour salt and
red tomatoes; when half done add one-fourth cup of rice. Cook until rice
is done. The onion may be browned either in butter, fat or olive oil, as

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Take some thin slices of cooked beets, some cold cooked potatoes, some
cold cooked cauliflower, and a little chopped parsley. Pour over the
following dressing and add salt and pepper to taste:
Put one level teaspoon of mustard, one teaspoon anchovy sauce, one
tablespoon of milk or cream, and one dessertspoon of vinegar. Mix the
mustard with the anchovy, then add the milk, and lastly the vinegar.
Tomatoes are equally good served in the same way.

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Wash the cauliflower carefully, tie in a cloth and cook in boiling salt
water until thoroughly tender. When done, remove the cloth, pour two
tablespoons of lemon juice over the cauliflower and set it on the ice to
cool. When ready to serve, separate the flowerets, lay them on lettuce
leaves, cover with French dressing and sprinkle one tablespoon of
chopped parsley over the top.
Use small eggplants. Place on end of toasting fork under broiler gas
flame until the peel is black; remove the skin. The eggplant will then
be tender; chop with wooden spoon, add lemon juice, parsley chopped
fine, and olive oil.

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Separate flowerettes of four heads of cauliflower, add one cup of salt,
and let stand overnight. Place in colander, rinse with cold water and
let drain. Tie one-quarter of a cup of mixed pickle spices in a thin
bag and boil with two quarts of vinegar and two cups of sugar, throw in
the cauliflower, boil a few minutes and pour to over flowing in
wide-mouthed bottles or cans. Cork or cover and seal airtight.

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