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(Salads And Sauces) - (The Art Of Living In Australia)

1 Head of Celery--1d.

1 Lettuce--1/2d.

Salad Dressing--4d.

Total Cost--51/2 d.

Pull the celery to pieces, wash it, and cut into small pieces; shred up
some lettuce and lay it at the bottom the dish. Stir the celery into
the dressing and lay it on the top of the lettuce. Cover with more
lettuce, and serve.

Other Recipes

Celery Salad

Take the inner and tenderest heads of three stalks of celery, cut them

into strips an inch long and about the thickness of young French beans.

Rub the salad bowl lightly with shallot. Mix the yolks of two hard

boiled eggs with three tablespoonfuls of salad oil, one of tarragon

vinegar, a little mustard and pepper and salt to taste. Add the celery

to this sauce, toss well with two silver forks, garnish with slices of

hard boiled eggs. If you have any cold chicken or turkey, chop it up,

and mix with some of above in equal proportions; or a few oysters will

be a great addition.

Other Recipes

Apple And Celery Salad


One day at the house of a charming friend,

From dishes of dainty blue,

I ate something good which puzzled me much,

The secret I'll tell to you.

2. "This looks like salad, my dear," said I,

"T'is celery surely I see,

And mayonnaise yellow and thick and rich,

What may this rare flavor be."

3. "A firm spicy apple," she said with a smile,

"Cut into pieces like dice--

I used equal parts, with celery white,

And my salad was made in a trice."

Other Recipes

Cabbage And Celery Salad

Wash and scrape two stalks of celery, add an equal quantity of

shredded cabbage, and six walnut meats broken in pieces. Serve with

cream dressing.

Other Recipes

Spaghettina And Celery Salad

Take some cold boiled spaghettina, chop--not too fine--and cover with a

French dressing, and let it stand on the ice until serving time. Have an

equal quantity of fresh, crisp celery cut fine, mix with the

spaghettina, cover with a mayonnaise dressing and garnish with tender

lettuce leaves.

Other Recipes

Walnut And Celery Salad

Three cupfuls of fresh, crisp celery cut fine and two cupfuls of

walnuts, carefully shelled that they may be as little broken as

possible. Put the walnuts in a saucepan with a small onion sliced, a bay

leaf, a clove and twelve pepper corns, cover with boiling water, let

them cook for ten or fifteen minutes, remove from the fire, drain and

throw the nuts into cold water, remove the skins and let them get cold;

then set on the ice until it is time to serve. Mix them with the celery,

add mayonnaise or cream dressing, put on a dish or in a salad bowl,

garnish with the tender green celery leaves and serve.

Other Recipes

Pineapple And Celery Salad

Equal parts of celery and shredded pineapple. Have the celery of the

very tenderest, using only the best of the heads. Select a perfectly

ripe, fresh pineapple, pare it, removing the eyes carefully, and shred

the fruit with a silver fork and cut into small pieces with a silver

fruit knife; put the celery, cut fine, and the shredded pineapple, each

by itself on the ice, that they may be very cold. When it is time to

serve the salad, mix them together, put on the salad dish, cover with

mayonnaise dressing, garnish with the green celery leaves and serve at


Other Recipes

Celery Salad Sandwiches

Put four eggs into warm water; bring to the boiling point, and keep

there, without boiling, for fifteen minutes. Take the white portion from

one head of celery; wash and chop it very fine. Remove the shells from

the hard-boiled eggs, and either chop them very fine or put through a

vegetable press, and mix with them the celery; add a half teaspoonful of

salt and a dash of pepper. Butter the bread before you cut it from the

loaf. After you have a sufficient quantity cut, put over each slice a

layer of the mixed egg and celery; put right in the center of this a

teaspoonful of mayonnaise dressing, and sort of smooth it all over. Put

two pieces together and press them lightly. Trim off the crusts, and cut

the sandwiches into pieces about two inches wide and the length of the


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