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Chinese Cabbage--pe Tsai

(Vaughan’s Vegetable Cook Book)

A few years ago this delicious vegetable was introduced into this

country, though it has been well known and extensively cultivated in

China for a long time.

We have grown it at our trial grounds two seasons and have found it a

novel, easily grown delicious vegetable. In shape it resembles a giant

cos lettuce forming a head some fifteen inches long.

When nearing maturity the outer leaves should be tied up to blanch the

heart and when cut two weeks later and the outer leaves removed, appears

as a grand oblong solid white head, of crisp tender leaves. We have

noticed that late sowing i. e. July gives the largest and best heads.

Sown earlier it runs to seed.

=Plant= in rows 1 ft. apart, with 2-1/2 or 3 ft. between the rows. Water

and cultivate freely. For Winter use store same as cabbage, keep from


=Uses.= The heads may be cut into convenient sizes and served like

lettuce, but is we think, more delicious, when cooked like cabbage and

served up in any of the many ways that cabbage is.

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