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Clam broth may be digested usually by the most delicate stomach. It
can be bought in cans, but the young housewife may like to know how to
prepare it herself. Strain the juice from one-half dozen clams and
save. Remove objectionable parts from clams, cut in small pieces, add
1/2 pint of cold water and the clam juice, let cook slowly about 10
minutes, strain and season with pepper and salt, a little butter and
milk, and serve hot.

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Clam Broth

Procure three dozen little-neck clams in the shell; wash

them well in cold water; put them in a saucepan, cover with a quart of

hot water; boil fifteen minutes; drain; remove the shells; chop up the

clams, and add them to the hot broth with a pat of butter; salt if

necessary and add a little cayenne; boil ten minutes, pour into a soup

tureen, add a slice of toast, and send to table. This is the mode

adopted when we do not have a clam opener in the house.

Raw, freshly opened clams should be chopped fine and prepared in the

manner above described. The large clams are better for chowders than for

stews and broth.

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