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Cocoa-nut Candy

(Confectionary.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Grate a cocoa-nut on a fine bread grater; weigh it, and add the same

quantity of loaf-sugar: melt the sugar with rose-water, of which, for a

small cocoa-nut, put six table-spoonfuls. When the syrup is clarified

and boiling, throw in the cocoa-nut by degrees; keep stirring it all the

time, whilst boiling, with a wooden slice, to prevent it burning to the

bottom of the pan, which it is very apt to do, unless great care is

taken. When the candy is sufficiently boiled, spread it on a pasteboard

previously rubbed with a wet cloth, and cut it in whatever shape you


To know when the candy is sufficiently boiled, drop a small quantity on

the pasteboard, and if the syrup does not run from the cocoa-nut, it is

done enough; when the candy is cold, put it on a dish, and keep it in a

dry place.

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