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Cornstarch Pudding

(Desserts Good In Summer) - (Cookery For Little Girls)

Cornstarch pudding is an old favorite, too, either hot or cold. First

mix four level tablespoonfuls of cornstarch with three tablespoonfuls of

sugar, and beat up light one egg. Then scald two cupfuls of milk, after

pouring a few spoonfuls on the cornstarch in order to thoroughly wet it.

When the milk is hot, add the moistened cornstarch and sugar, the beaten

egg, and flavoring to taste, stirring constantly until thick. Then allow

to cook gently for ten minutes at least. A double boiler is best for all

such puddings, as it prevents all possibility of scorching, but it takes

longer. One delicious way of serving this otherwise ordinary dish is to

cut a few thin peelings from a lemon (just the yellow part), cook with

the milk till a delicate flavor is imparted, and then remove. When the

pudding is done, pour in a mold and let set. Then serve with whipped

cream flavored with vanilla. The combination of the two flavorings is

very agreeable.

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Take one quart of milk, one and one-half cups of sugar, seven heaping
tablespoons of cocoa, six level tablespoons of cornstarch, one
tablespoon of vanilla; place milk and sugar up to boil, when boiling,
add cocoa, dissolved to a smooth paste; then add cornstarch dissolved in
cold water, let come to a boil, remove from fire and add the vanilla;
then place in mold and allow to get cold. Serve with whipped cream.

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Fluffy Cornstarch Pudding

One pint of milk, three tablespoonfuls sugar, two tablespoonfuls

cornstarch, whites of three eggs, a little salt to taste, one-half

teaspoonful vanilla or lemon. Have egg whites beaten stiff. Put milk on

in a double boiler; when heated, add sugar, salt and flavoring; when

scalding hot, add cornstarch, which has been dissolved in a little cold

milk. Let this cook a minute or two, stirring well, then add the stiffly

beaten whites of eggs, using cut-and-fold method. Turn mixture into

molds which have been wet with cold water; sherbet cups make excellent

molds, tea cup half filled will do. Turn into suitable dishes and serve

with custard sauce. Maraschino cherry on top of pudding is attractive.

Custard Sauce.

One pint milk, yolks of three eggs, three tablespoonfuls sugar, one

teaspoonful vanilla or lemon, little salt. Beat egg yolks, add to these

the sugar; heat milk in a double boiler, add salt and beaten egg yolks,

stirring until the mixture thickens. Flavor when cool.

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