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(Sandwiches) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Hard boil the eggs, place them immediately into cold water. When cold;
remove the shells carefully, cut the eggs in half lengthwise and butter
slightly. Lay one or two sardellen or appetite silds on one half of the
egg and press the one half gently on the other half which has the
sardellen. The egg must appear whole. Now tie lengthwise and across with
the narrowest, various colored ribbons you can find.

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Slice as many pieces of bread, from a round loaf, as you have persons to
serve. Toast these slices and let cool. Across each slice place three
strips of pimentoes (use the canned pimentoes), on top of that place a
cold poached egg, put a teaspoon of Mayonnaise on the top of the egg and
sprigs of watercress encircling the toast.
Take one box of mustard sardines; bone and mash; add to the mixture one
tablespoon of tomato catsup, one teaspoon of Worcestershire sauce, juice
of one lemon, a pinch of cayenne pepper, as much white pepper as will
cover the end of a knife, two tablespoons of vinegar, and one tablespoon
of olive oil. Mix thoroughly until it becomes a paste. Then spread on
thinly cut bread for sandwiches.

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26 Egg Sandwiches

Butter slices of graham bread. Put 4 hard boiled eggs through a sieve,

add salt and a tablespoonful of cream or milk, rub to a paste, spread on

the bread, put two slices together, trim neatly and serve with lettuce


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Egg Sandwiches

Mash six hard-boiled eggs very fine, adding pepper, salt and a small

lump of butter. Mix with one half teaspoon of Armour's Extract of Beef

dissolved in a tablespoon of hot water, and one third cup of mayonnaise

dressing. Add one cup of finely chopped pecans or peanuts. Mix well and

serve between fresh crackers and thin slices of bread.--NELLIE TONEY,


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Anchovy And Egg Sandwiches

Mash the yolks of four hard-boiled eggs with two tablespoonfuls of

melted butter or olive oil, add a half teaspoonful of salt, a dash of

paprika and a tablespoonful of anchovy paste or two mashed anchovies.

Spread this between thin slices of buttered bread, press the slices

together, trim off the crusts and cut into triangles.

Sardines may be used in the place of anchovies.

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Curried Egg Sandwiches

Hard boil four eggs, remove the yolks from the whites; chop the whites

very, very fine, and press the yolks through a sieve. Add to the yolks

gradually four tablespoonfuls of melted butter or olive oil, a half

teaspoonful of salt, a teaspoonful of onion juice, a half teaspoonful of

curry, and rub until thoroughly smooth. Spread thin slices of bread,

cover them with a very thin layer of the yolk mixture, then a layer of

the chopped whites, another slice of buttered bread. Press together,

trim the crusts and cut into shapes.

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Egg Sandwiches No 1

Take the hard-boiled yolks of six eggs and rub them to a paste, adding

gradually two tablespoonfuls of olive oil or thick cream. Add a dash of

paprika, one-half teaspoonful of salt, spread and finish precisely the

same as tongue sandwich.

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Egg Sandwiches No 2

Put thin slices of hard-boiled eggs between slices of brown bread and

butter; dust the egg slightly with salt and pepper. Trim the edges of

the sandwiches with either cress or lettuce, and cut into triangles or


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Farmer's Egg Sandwiches

Put six eggs into warm water, bring to a boil and keep at boiling point,

without boiling hard, for a half hour. Throw them into cold water,

remove the shells and cut them into slices lengthwise. A very fine wire

is best for cutting eggs. Butter the slices on the loaf, then cut them

off, cover with slices of hard-boiled eggs, dust lightly with salt and

pepper. Spread the eggs carefully with sandwich dressing, put on another

slice of buttered bread, press the two together and cut into triangles.

If you have lettuce or cress put a leaf over the dressing.

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