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Cover a quart of bits of bread that have been broken apart, with one pint
of milk; soak for fifteen minutes, then with a spoon beat until you have a
smooth paste; add the yolks of three eggs, a tablespoonful of melted
butter and one cup of flour that has been sifted with a heaping
teaspoonful of baking powder. Fold in carefully the well-beaten whites of
the eggs, and bake in muffin pans in a quick oven about twenty minutes.
Muffins left from breakfast may be pulled apart and toasted for lunch or
supper. Pieces of stale sponge cake, in fact, any stale cake may be used
for cabinet puddings, for cream puddings, or for croquettes.

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Eggs with Tomatoes

Fry in two ounces of butter two small dry onions and two green
peppers, chopped. Add half a dozen tomatoes peeled and cut up, salt
and pepper. Simmer fifteen minutes. Add the corn cut from half a dozen
ears, and cook fifteen minutes longer. Pour the mixture into a baking
dish, and break over it six eggs. Place in the oven until set.

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Some prefer the eggs poached.

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Boil some eggs hard, put them into cold water, cut them into halves,
take out the yolks, beat them up in a mortar with grated hung beef,
fill the halves with this mixture, fry lightly, and serve with brown

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Poach lightly three or four eggs, place them in a dish, pour upon them
a little warm butter; sprinkle with pepper, salt, and nutmeg, strew
over with crumbs of bread, and brown before the fire.

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Take six hard-boiled eggs, cut lengthwise, remove yolk and add to same:
one dessertspoon of melted butter, Cayenne pepper, salt and chopped
parsley. Mash this mixture very fine and refill the whites of the eggs
and turn over on platter.
Sauce.--One tablespoon of butter, one tablespoon of flour, a pinch of
Cayenne pepper, salt and one pint of milk. Stir this mixture continually
until it thickens; beat the yolk of one egg and pour the hot gravy over
the same. Dress with chopped parsley and eat very hot. Sherry wine can
be added if desired.

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Hard boil eggs, drop into cold water, remove shells, cut each in half
lengthwise. Turn out yolks into a bowl. Carefully place whites together
in pairs, mash yolks with back of a spoon. For every six yolks put into
bowl one tablespoon melted butter, one-half teaspoon mustard (the kind
prepared for table), one teaspoon salt, dash of cayenne pepper. Rub
these together thoroughly with yolks. Make little balls of this paste
the size of the yolks. Fit one ball into each pair whites.

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Line a buttered dish with steamed rice. Break the eggs in the centre,
dot with butter, sprinkle with salt, pepper and bake in a moderate oven.

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In the early spring or fall when eggs are plentiful and at their best,
pack them away for future use. Use strictly fresh eggs with perfect
shells (no cracks). Buy water glass at drugstore. Use ten parts water to
one of water glass. Boil water, when cool add water glass and beat well.
Use an earthen jar or crock, pack in rows and pour over the liquid
mixture to cover well. Place old plate over eggs in crock to keep them
under water. Put cover on jar and keep in cool place. More eggs may be
added at any time if well covered with the liquid mixture.
For fifteen dozen eggs use one quart water glass.

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Fill a pan with boiling, salted water. Break each egg into a wet saucer
and slip it into the water; set the pan back where water will not boil.
Dip the water over the eggs with a spoon. When the white is firm and a
film has formed over the yolk, they are cooked. Take them up with a
skimmer, drain and serve hot, on toast. Season with salt.

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Soft-boiled eggs may be prepared in two ways. The eggs may be dropped
carefully into boiling water and boiled three minutes, or they may be
placed in a covered vessel of boiling water and allowed to stand in a
warm place (but not on the stove) for ten minutes. Eggs prepared in this
way are sometimes called "Coddled Eggs." They are much more delicate and
digestible than the usual "Boiled Eggs."
Hard-boiled eggs should be cooked in boiling water for fifteen or twenty
minutes and then dropped in cold water to prevent the yolk from turning

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