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(Soups) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Skin and bone one and one-half pounds of codfish or haddock. Cut six
large tomatoes, six large potatoes, two large onions in small pieces,
add salt, pepper, three pints of water and cook one hour. Add one-half
pint of cream, one-fourth cup of butter, and paprika. Cook five minutes
and serve.

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Omit fish and use same ingredients, sprinkle with chopped parsley and
Heat two tablespoons of butter, add one and one-half pounds of sliced
turnips or artichokes and stir them in the butter, add one tablespoon of
flour, a little salt, three cups of hot milk, three cups of hot water,
stirring them in slowly. When the vegetables are done rub them through a
sieve, put them back in the saucepan, add a little sugar and more
seasoning, if required, and heat thoroughly. A little cream or butter
may be put into the tureen, and the soup stirred into it.

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1 cup salt codfish
2 cups potatoes, cut into small pieces
1/8 teaspoon pepper
1/2 tablespoon butter
1 egg
Pick over fish and shred into small pieces. Put potatoes into deep
saucepan; cover with cold water; add fish and boil until potatoes are
soft. Take off fire; drain well; beat up with wire whip or fork until
light and all lumps are out and potatoes and fish are thoroughly
mixed; season; add butter and beaten egg. Drop by spoonfuls into deep
fat (hot enough to brown a piece of bread in 40 seconds) and fry until
golden brown. Drain on brown paper and serve immediately.

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13 Fish Chowder

Put 1/4 of a lb. of bacon into a frying pan with 1 onion sliced; fry a

light brown. Into a saucepan put a layer of potatoes, a layer of fish,

then a few slices of the onion and bacon, then season. Continue until

all has been used. Add 1 qt. of water, cover and let simmer 20 minutes

without stirring. In a double boiler put 1 pt. of milk and break into it

6 water crackers; let it stand a few minutes then add to the chowder.

Let it boil up once and serve. Use 3 lbs. of chopped fish and 3 potatoes

for this.

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Fish Chowder

Take two fine, fresh cod-fish, weighing six pounds each;

clean them well; cut the fish lengthwise from the bone, and cut it into

pieces two inches square. Chop up the bones and heads; put them into a

saucepan; add three quarts of warm water, one red onion sliced, heaping

teaspoonful of salt, a dozen bruised peppercorns, and a few stalks of

celery. Boil until the fish drops from the bones; then strain into

another saucepan.

Cut into small squares one peck of small potatoes and a pound and a half

of salt pork; arrange the fish, pork, and potatoes into mounds; divide

each equally into four parts; add one quarter of the fish to the stock,

next a quarter of the pork, then a quarter of the potato, and three

pilot crackers, broken into quarters, salt, pepper, and a little thyme.

Repeat this process until the remaining three quarters of pork, fish,

and potato, are used; cover all with warm milk; simmer slowly until the

fish is tender, care being taken that the soup does not boil over; now

taste for seasoning, serve as neatly as possible.

The above is the old-fashioned New England fish chowder. Clams may be

used instead of fish.

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Brown Fish Chowder

1 onion fried in butter. Cut any white fish in small pieces and fry in

this after first rolling the fish in flour. Take the fish out and lay on

brown paper. Put into a saucepan 2 tablespoonfuls dry flour and stir

until it is brown; then gradually stir in a quart of water. When this

has boiled, add the fish and seasoning.

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Fish Chowder

Fry together in the bottom of a saucepan four ounces of

salt pork and two onions sliced; when brown season with a teaspoonful of

sweet herbs, and a very little salt and pepper; meantime peel and slice

half a dozen medium-sized potatoes, and lay them in cold water; and cut

in small slices two pounds of any fish which costs about five cents per

pound; when the onions and pork are brown, put the potatoes and fish

upon them in layers, seasoning with a level tablespoonful of salt, and

half a teaspoonful of pepper; pour over all cold water enough to cover

the ingredients, and let them cook twenty minutes after they begin to

boil; soak half a pound of sea-biscuit in cold water, and when the

chowder is nearly done lay them on it, and pour over them half a pint of

milk; in five minutes the chowder will be ready to use. The onions,

pork, and seasoning will cost five cents; the potatoes, crackers and

milk five more; and the fish ten cents; total for two quarts of good

chowder twenty cents.

Other Recipes

Fish Chowder

Try out small pieces of salt pork in a kettle. Cut up a medium-sized

fish, slice thin four or five potatoes; add these to the salt pork in

alternate layers; cover with boiling water and cook until soft.

Season to taste, add an onion if liked, one large pint milk, and

piece of butter. Let boil. Add a few Boston crackers (split) just

before serving.

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