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(Soups.) - (The Art Of Living In Australia)

3 pints Fish Stock

1 pint Milk--2 1/2d.




Total Cost--10d.

Time--Half an Hour

Remove all the fat from the fish stock and put it into a saucepan with
six white peppercorns, an onion, one slice of turnip, a fagot of herbs,
and some carrot. Boil this together for twenty minutes, then strain out
the vegetables and pour back into the saucepan. Mix a tablespoonful of
cornflour smoothly with the milk and stir it in; continue stirring till
it boils. Skin and fillet the fish and cut it into dice, put these
pieces of fish into the soup, and simmer for ten minutes. Just before
serving add a few drops of lemon juice, and salt to taste. Pour into a
tureen and sprinkle a little chopped parsley on top.

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After you have boiled a cauliflower, it is a great extravagance to throw
away the liquor; it is delicately flavored and forms the basis of a good
soup. Wash well your cauliflower, taking great care to remove all grit
and insects. Place it to simmer with its head downwards, in salted water;
and, when it is tender, remove it. Now for the soup. Let all the outer
leaves and odd bits simmer well, then pass them through a sieve. Fry some
chopped onions, add the liquor of the cauliflower and the pieces that
have been rubbed through the sieve, add a little white pepper and a slice
of brown bread. Let all cook gently for half-an-hour, then, just before
serving it, take out the slice of bread and sprinkle in two teaspoonfuls
of grated Gruyere cheese.

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Fish Soup

Two pounds of raw fish, one tablespoonful parsley, one and one half

ounces butter, one ounce flour of rice, one half pint milk, one quart of

water, pepper, and salt. Boil together the bones and skin of fish for

half an hour. Strain, melt butter in a saucepan, stir into it the flour,

add strained water from the pan. Cut up the fish into small pieces, add

it, also salt and pepper, boil slowly ten minutes, add parsley at last


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Fish Soup

Cod-fish cuttings, Dutch plaice, skate, dabs, haddocks, cod's-heads,

cod's-tails, or any fresh-water fish you may happen to catch when

fishing, conger eels cut in slices, and almost any kind of fish which

may come within reach of your means, are all more or less fit for making

a good mess of soup for a meal. First, chop fine some onions, and put

them into a pot with enough water to furnish about half a pint for each

person to be provided for, and set this on the fire to boil for ten

minutes; then add your pieces of fish, of about four ounces each; season

with thyme, pepper, and salt, and boil the soup for about fifteen

minutes longer, when it will be ready for dinner. Some well-boiled

potatoes will prove a welcome addition to this soup.

Note.--This kind of fish soup will prove the more advantageous near

the sea-coast, where inferior kinds of fish are always very cheap.

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Mock Fish Soup

It is better to prepare the balls for this soup first, as follows: Put

in a saucepan a tablespoonful of white flour and two tablespoonfuls of

Groult's potato flour, stir together and add a tablespoonful of butter

and a cup of milk, mix all together and place on the stove where it is

not very hot. Stir constantly until it is smooth and no longer sticks to

the pan, remove from the fire, let it cool, and beat in two eggs, one at

a time, season with a dash of cayenne, a few grains of powdered mace, a

few drops of onion juice, a little salt and half a teaspoonful of sugar.

These balls must be seasoned very delicately. Cook and drain as the

spinach balls are done, using a teaspoon instead of a tablespoon. Put to

one side while the soup is being made. For the soup take three French

carrots, half a parsnip, half a white onion and a little green pepper

chopped fine, cover with boiling water and cook until tender. Melt a

generous tablespoonful of butter in a saucepan, and when it bubbles

stir into it a small tablespoonful of flour, then add three cups of milk

and let it come to a boil. When the vegetables are tender stir them into

the thickened milk with the water they were boiled in, together with

half a teaspoonful of sugar and salt and pepper to taste. Then put the

balls in and let the soup come to a boil, add a teaspoonful of finely

minced parsley and remove from the fire. Have one egg yolk beaten with

two tablespoonfuls of cream and stir in carefully so as not to break the

balls just before turning the soup into the tureen.

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Fish Soup

Make this soup from any rich, glutinous fish, such as cod's

head, halibut neck, flounders, skate, or any cheap fish which is in

season, and which you can buy for five or six cents a pound. Chop one or

two onions, fry them in a pot with two ounces of drippings, till light

brown; season with a level tablespoonful of salt, half a teaspoonful of

pepper, and a teaspoonful of sweet herbs of any kind, then add two

quarts of hot water, and let all boil for ten minutes; meantime mix

quarter of a pound of oatmeal with one pint of cold water, and wash and

cut in two-inch pieces about two pounds of fish; when the soup has

boiled ten minutes, put the fish into it, and carefully stir in the

oatmeal; let it boil twenty minutes, stirring occasionally to prevent

burning; it will then be ready to use. The seasoning, drippings, and

oatmeal, will cost about five cents, and the fish ten more; with the

addition of bread and potatoes, say five cents' worth of either, it

makes an excellent meal, costing about twenty cents.

Other Recipes

Crawfish Soup

Boil off your crawfish; take the tails out of the shells; roast a couple

of lobsters; beat these with your crawfish shells; put this into your

fish stock, with some crusts of French rolls. Rub the whole through a

tamis, and put your tails into it. You may farce a carp and put in the

middle, if you please, or farce some of the shells and stick on a French


Other Recipes

Fish Soup

Stew the heads, tails, and fins, of any sort of flat fish or haddock.

Strain and thicken with a little flour and butter; add pepper, salt,

anchovy, and ketchup, to taste. Cut the fish in thick pieces, and let

them stew gently till done.

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