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(Bread) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Prepare the yeast as for bread and work just the same; add one-quarter
cup of butter, one-quarter cup of sugar, one whole egg and one egg yolk
beaten very light, flavor with mace or a few gratings of lemon peel;
work until it leaves the hand perfectly clean, then form into rolls, let
raise, brush with beaten egg, place rolls in pan close together and

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French Rolls.

Chop 1/2 pound of cold roast veal with 1/4 pound of smoked salmon, 3
sour pickles, 2 sour apples, 1 large onion, some beans and capers and
3 hard-boiled eggs chopped fine. Add some chopped nuts. Season and
pour over a mayonnaise dressing. Garnish with sliced beets and olives;
serve cold.

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From MRS. ROLLIN A. EDGERTON, of Arkansas, Secretary of State Board,
and Lady Manager.
To one quart of flour add two teaspoons of baking powder, one more of
salt, and a tablespoon of lard; mix with sweet milk sufficient to roll
out on board without sticking; cut with biscuit tin and bake quickly
in hot oven.

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French Rolls Or Twists


One quart of milk, one teaspoonful of salt, one small cup brewer's

yeast, flour enough to make a stiff batter. Let it rise, and when very

light, work in one egg and two spoonfuls of butter, and knead in flour

till stiff enough to roll. Let it rise again, and when very light, roll

out, cut in round or braids or any shape preferred. N. B. The egg and

butter may be omitted.

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French Rolls

1 pint of scalded milk, let cool, then add 2/3 cup of yeast, 1/2 cup

sugar, 2 quarts flour, small piece of butter, worked into the flour.

Pour the milk into center of flour, and let stand over night; then

knead, letting it rise very light; then knead again, and mould, letting

it rise again, and bake.

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French Rolls

Two quarts of sifted flour, a pint of warm milk, half a cup of butter

melted in the milk, a quarter of a cup of sugar, three or four eggs

beaten light, a little salt, a half cake of compressed yeast, dissolved

in a little warm milk. Make a batter of the milk and flour, add the eggs

and sugar, beat hard for fifteen minutes. Cover the pan and set to rise,

over night if for luncheon, in the morning if for tea. Knead well, but

do not add any more flour. Make them into shape and let them rise again

until light. Bake about fifteen minutes in a quick oven. For buns add

cinnamon. Sift the flour before measuring, and measure lightly.

Other Recipes

French Rolls

3 eggs

3 ounces butter

1 quart of flour

1 pint sweet milk

1 cake yeast

a little salt

Beat the eggs very light; melt the butter in the milk; add a little

flour and a little milk until all is mixed; then add yeast before all

the milk and flour are added.

Make into rolls and bake in a pan.

This should be made up at night and set to rise, and baked the next


Other Recipes

French Rolls

Turn a quart of lukewarm milk on to a quart of flour. Melt a couple of

ounces of butter, and put to the milk and flour, together with a couple

of eggs, and a tea-spoonful of salt. When cool, stir in half a tea-cup

of yeast, and flour to make it stiff enough to mould up. Put it in a

warm place. When light, do it up into small rolls--lay the rolls on flat

buttered tins--let them remain twenty minutes before baking.

Other Recipes

Asparagus Forced In French Rolls

Take out the crumb of three French rolls, by first cutting off a piece

of the top crust; but be careful to cut it so neatly that the crust fits

the place again. Fry the rolls brown in fresh butter. Take a pint of

cream, the yolks of six eggs beaten fine, a little salt and nutmeg; stir

them well together over a slow fire until the mixture begins to be

thick. Have ready a hundred of small asparagus boiled; save tops enough

to stick in the rolls; the rest cut small and put into the cream; fill

the rolls with it. Before you fry the rolls, make holes thick in the top

crust to stick the asparagus in; then lay on the piece of crust, and

stick it with asparagus as if it was growing.

Other Recipes

French Rolls No 1

Seven pounds of flour, four eggs leaving out two yolks--the whites of

the eggs should be beaten to a snow--three quarters of a pint of ale

yest. Beat the eggs and yest together, adding warm milk; put it so beat

into the flour, in which must be well rubbed four ounces of butter; wet

the whole into a soft paste. Keep beating it in the bowl with your hand

for a quarter of an hour at least; let it stand by the fire half an

hour, then make it into rolls, and put them into pans or dishes, first

well floured, or, what is still better, iron moulds, which are made on

purpose to bake rolls in. Let them stand by the fire another half hour,

and put them, bottom upwards, on tin plates, in the middle of a hot oven

for three quarters of an hour or more: take them out, and rasp them.

Other Recipes

French Rolls No 2

Take two or three spoonfuls of good yest, as much warm water, two or

three lumps of loaf-sugar, and the yolk of an egg. Mix all together; let

it stand to rise. Meanwhile take a quartern of the finest flour, and rub

in about an ounce of butter. Then take a quart of new milk, and put into

it a pint of boiling water, so as to make it rather warmer than new milk

from the cow. Mix together the milk and yest, and strain through a sieve

into the flour, and, when you have made it into a light paste, flour a

piece of clean linen cloth well, lay it upon a thick double flannel, put

your paste into the cloth, wrap it up close, and put it in an earthen

pan before the fire till it rises. Make it up into ten rolls, and put

them into a quick oven for a quarter of an hour.

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