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French Stew

(The Italian Cook Book)

(Stufato alla francese)

Prepare on the bottom of the saucepan a layer of thin slices of ham, on

which place several little cubes also of bacon. In the middle place a

bunch of parsley, and around this some cloves, half an onion sliced, a

few carrots in little cubes several young onions, bay-leaf, salt, and


On this bed lay the meat that may be larded with bacon or ham and

seasoned with salt, pepper and a taste of cinnamon. Pour on the meat two

cups of soup stock or water and one cup of white wine. Cover the

saucepan hermetically and cook on a very low fire for five hours.

When the stufato is to be served cold, the gravy is to be rubbed

through a sieve before it gets cold.

Note.--In these and similar dishes we have indicated the use of

wine, which is a common ingredient, in small quantities in Italian

and French cooking. This, however, can always be dispensed with if

its taste is not appreciated, or for any other reason.

Other Recipes

French Stew

Take a pound of beef cut in small pieces and fry it until brown. Remove

and fry in the same pan the following vegetables: Three small radishes,

three small carrots, three small onions, half a dozen potatoes, a little

green ginger, a green chili or two, and three or four mint leaves. The

ginger, chili, and mint leaves should be finely minced, but slice the

other vegetables. When the vegetables are nicely browned, remove, make a

little gravy in the pan; pour this gravy over the meat, add the

vegetables, and cook very slowly together until the meat is tender. If

liked, it may be made with only potatoes and onions and meat.

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