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German Sauce

(Sauces.) - (New Vegetarian Dishes)

1/2 pint sauce Tournee No. 182.

The yolks of 2 eggs.

Strain the yolks and add them to the sauce; stir carefully over a

moderate heat until it simmers, but on no account must it boil or the

eggs will curdle. When it thickens (about one minute) it is done. This

is a very rich sauce.

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German Sauce

Put the same quantity of meat jelly and fresh made broth into a stewpan,

with a little parsley parboiled and chopped, the livers of two roasted

or boiled fowls, an anchovy, and some capers, the whole shred very fine,

a bit of butter about the size of an egg, half a clove of garlic, salt,

and a little cayenne pepper. Thicken it over the fire.

Exceedingly good with poultry, pigeons, &c.

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