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(Soups) - (The Jewish Manual)

Add to a fine strong well-seasoned beef stock, of about three quarts,
two sets of giblets, which should be previously stewed separately in
one quart of water (the gizzards require scalding for some time before
they are put in with the rest); white pepper, salt, and the rind of
lemon should season them; when they are tender, add them with their
gravy to the stock, and boil for about ten minutes together, then stir
in a glass of white wine, a table spoonful of mushroom ketchup, and
the juice of half a lemon; it will require to be thickened with a
little flour browned; the giblets are served in the soup.

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Giblet Soup


Giblets from two or three fowls; two quarts of water; one of stock; two

tablespoons of butter, ditto of flour; salt, pepper, and onion if

desired. Put giblets on to boil in the water and boil gently till

reduced to one quart (about two hours); take out the giblets, cut off

tough parts and chop fine the remainder. Return to the liquor and add

stock. Cook butter and flour together until a rich brown, and add to

the soup; season, cook gently half an hour; stir in half a cup of bread

crumbs and in a few minutes serve hot.

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Giblet Soup

An economical, and at the same time excellent, soup, is

made from the legs, neck, heart, wings, and gizzard of all kinds of

poultry. These odds and ends are usually plentiful about the holidays.

To turn them to account, follow general instructions for chicken soup;

add a little rice, and your soup is complete.

Other Recipes

Giblet Soup No 1

Take the desired quantity of strong beef gravy; add to it a few slices

of veal fried in butter; take a piece of butter rolled in flour, and

with it fry some sliced onion and thyme; when made brown, add it to the

soup. When sufficiently stewed, strain and put to it two spoonfuls of

ketchup, a few spoonfuls of Madeira, and a little lemon juice. The

giblets being separately stewed in a pint of water, add their gravy to

the soup.

Other Recipes

Giblet Soup No 2

Parboil the giblets, and pour the water from them; put them into fresh

water or thin gravy, with a large onion stuck with cloves; season it to

your taste; boil them till the flesh comes from the bones. Mix the yolk

of an egg with flour into a paste; roll it two or three times over with

a rollingpin; cut it in pieces, and thicken the soup with it.

Other Recipes

Giblet Soup No 3

Take three pair of goose giblets; scald and cut them as for stewing; set

them on the fire in three quarts of water, and when the scum rises skim

them well: put in a bundle of sweet herbs, some cloves, mace, and

allspice, tied in a bag, with some pepper and salt. Stew them very

gently till nearly tender: mix a quarter of a pound of butter with

flour, and put it in, with half a pint of white wine, and a little

cayenne pepper. Stew them till thick and smooth; take out the herbs and

spices; skim well; boil the livers in a quart of water till tender, and

put in. Serve up in a terrine or dish.

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