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(Pastry Cakes) - (Seventy-five Receipts For Pastry Cakes, And Sweetmeats)

Half a pound of butter.
Two pounds of flour, sifted
Half a pint of milk, or cold water.
A salt-spoonful of salt.
Cut up the butter in the flour, and put the salt to it. Wet it to
a stiff dough with the milk or water. Mix it well with a knife.
Throw some flour on the paste-board, take the dough out of the
pan, and knead it very well.
Roll it out into a large thick sheet, and beat it very hard on
both sides with the rolling-pin. Beat it a long time.
Cut it out with a tin, or cup, into small round thick cakes. Beat
each cake on both sides, with the rolling-pin. Prick them, with a
fork. Put them in buttered pans, and bake them of a light brown in
a slow oven.

Other Recipes

Gingerbread Nuts

Ingredients, one pound of flour, half a pint of treacle, two ounces of

butter, half an ounce of ground ginger, a pinch of allspice, a

tea-spoonful of carbonate of soda, and a pinch of salt. Mix all the

above ingredients into a firm, well-kneaded stiff paste, divide this

into about twenty-four parts, roll these into shape like walnuts, place

them upon greased baking-tins at distances of two inches apart from each

other, and bake the gingerbread nuts in a rather brisk oven for about

fifteen minutes.

Other Recipes

Gingerbread Nuts

A quarter of a pound of treacle, the same of flour, one ounce of butter,

a little brown sugar, and some ginger. Mix all together, and bake the

nuts on tins. Sweetmeat is a great addition.

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