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Grape Juice

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To ten pounds grapes (Concord), two pounds white sugar, wash grapes,

cover them with water in preserving kettle, and boil for thirty

minutes, strain through coarse cheese cloth, let cool, add sugar, boil

twenty minutes longer, and bottle while boiling hot, and cork and seal

with sealing wax.

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Wash and stem ten pounds of Concord grapes, put them in a preserving
kettle and crush slightly. Bring to the boiling point and cook gently
for one-half hour. Strain through cheese-cloth or jelly bag, pressing
out all the juice possible; return to fire and with two pounds of sugar
conk for fifteen minutes; strain again, reheat and pour into sterilized
bottles thoroughly heated. Put in sterilized corks and dip the necks of
the bottles in hot sealing-wax. If you can get the self-sealing bottles,
the work of putting up grape juice will be light. Sterilize bottles and

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To 6 pounds of stemmed Concord grapes add 1 quart of water, allow them
to simmer on range until grapes have become soft. Strain through a
piece of cheese-cloth, being careful to press only the juice through,
not the pulp of the grapes. Return the grape juice to the preserving
kettle and add 3/4 of a pound of sugar. Allow the juice to just
commence to boil, as cooking too long a time spoils the flavor of the
juice. Bottle at once, while juice is hot. Bottles must be sterilized
and air-tight if you expect grape juice to keep. Cover corks with
sealing wax.

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Grape Juice


Pick over and wash your grapes. Concords are said to be preferable. Put

them in your porcelain kettle with just enough water to prevent

sticking. When the skins crack remove from fire, pour into a flannel

bag, not more than a quart at once, and press out the juice. Add nearly

half as much sugar as juice and return to the kettle. When the sugar is

all dissolved and the juice boiling, pour into cans and seal. Pint cans

are preferable; when opened this can be diluted with water to suit the

taste, and will keep perfectly sweet for several days if kept in a cool


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Grape Juice

Many people are not aware of the excellent qualities of this delightful

and refreshing beverage. It is soothing to the nerves and aids the

appetite. When prepared according to the recipe given below it makes a

delicious and wholesome drink for persons in robust health, and in

addition to this will prove beneficial to those of frail constitutions.

Stem grapes and put them into a kettle with enough water to show. Heat

slowly, until grapes are soft enough to mash. Put them in a cheese-cloth

bag, and when cool enough, press till every drop of juice is extracted.

To two quarts of juice add one cup of sugar; heat and stir until sugar

is thoroughly dissolved. Bottle, cork and seal. When serving this drink,

dilute with water according to taste.

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Grape Juice Cup

Soak the grated rind of one orange in the juice of one lemon for 15

minutes. To this add a cupful of boiling water and a tablespoon of


Place in a saucepan of granite ware and add one quart of unfermented

grape juice, four whole cloves and a pinch of powdered mace. Bring

slowly to the boiling point and simmer for ten minutes.

Boil together one cupful of sugar and two tablespoons of water without

stirring until it spins a thread.

Pour this gradually upon the stiffly beaten whites of two eggs. Add the

boiling grape juice, dust lightly with grated nutmeg and serve


Live while you live, the epicure would say and

seize the pleasures of the present day. Doddridge

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Grape Juice

5 lbs Concord Grapes

1 quart water


Boil grapes five to ten minutes. Then strain through a wire strainer and

afterwards cheese cloth. To every quart of juice add 1 lb. sugar. Bottle

and seal.

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Grape Juice And Egg 270 Calories

1 egg

1/2 cup rich milk

1 tablespoon sugar

1/4 cup Welch's Grape Juice

Beat yolk and white separately very light. To the yolk add milk, sugar

and grape juice, and pour into glass. To the white add a little powdered

sugar and a taste of grape juice. Serve on yolk mixture. Chill all

ingredients before using.

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Albuminized Grape Juice 40 Calories

2 tablespoons Welch's Grape Juice

White 1 egg


Chopped ice

Put in a dainty glass the grape juice, and the beaten white of egg and a

little pure chopped ice; sprinkle sugar over the top and serve.

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Grape Juice

Grape-juice is the most nourishing kind of a fruit drink, and every

family ought to put up enough in the fall when grapes are plentiful and

cheap to last all winter. First pick the fruit from the stem, wash and

put on in water enough to cover. Cook until the grapes lose their form,

put in a jelly-bag, and let them hang overnight. Next day measure, and

put on to boil with half as much sugar. Cook for five minutes and put at

once into air-tight bottles. When ready to serve, either dilute with a

small quantity of water or pour on chopped ice.

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