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Green Corn Cakes

(Vegetables) - (Made-over Dishes)

6 ears of cold cooked corn
4 eggs
1 level tablespoonful of butter, melted
1 cupful of milk
1 teaspoonful of salt
1 saltspoonful of pepper
1 young chicken
Score the corn and with a dull knife press it out. Carefully beat the
eggs, without separating, until light, add the milk, melted butter, salt
and pepper. Pour this into a casserole mold or pudding dish. Have the
chicken drawn and disjointed; make two pieces of the breast, cut it into
four pieces, dust with salt and pepper, brush with melted butter. Lay the
chicken on top of this mixture and stand the baking dish in a moderately
quick oven about one hour. Serve in the dish in which it was cooked. Some
prefer to broil the chicken on the bone side before they put it into the
pudding, the pudding may be baked, and then put it in the pudding and
brown it with the pudding. This is a good way to use cold left-over corn,
and cold bits of chicken may be used in the place of the fresh chicken.

Other Recipes

Green Corn Cakes

One quart of grated corn, one teacup of butter melted, four

tablespoonfuls of flour, two eggs, and salt and pepper to taste. Bake as

griddle cakes and serve at once. These cakes are very good made of

canned corn. Pound the corn in a mortar and press through a sieve.

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