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(Soups) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Make your soup stock as usual, adding a pint of washed pea-pods to the
soup. Heat a tablespoon of drippings, put in the peas, with a little
chopped parsley, cover closely and let simmer; keep adding soup stock
when dry. When the peas are tender put into the strained soup. Season
with one teaspoon of salt and two teaspoons of sugar, add drop dumplings
to this soup before serving.

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Boil some potatoes and pass them through the sieve, add the asparagus-
tops, with a pat of butter for each four tops; thin the soup with extract
of meat and water, and at the last moment stir in the raw yolks of two
eggs, and a little chopped parsley.
[_Mme. van Praet._]

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Green Pea Soup

Boil the pods first, then remove and boil peas in same water until soft

enough to mash easily. Add a quart of milk, and thickening made of a

tablespoonful of butter and 1 of flour. Boil a few minutes and serve.

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Dried Green Pea Soup

1 1/2 pints soaked green peas.

1 large onion.

1 large carrot.

1 large turnip.

2 quarts water.

1 ounce butter.

1 teaspoon salt.

1 dozen peppercorns.

Dissolve the butter in a large saucepan, place in the peas (which

must have been carefully picked over), the vegetables sliced, and the

peppercorns. Boil gently three hours, add salt, and rub through a wire

sieve with a wooden spoon. Serve with sippets of toast.

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Fresh Green Pea Soup

2 pints of shelled green peas.

1 ounce butter.

A handful of mint.

1 cabbage lettuce.

3 pints of water.

1 1/2 teaspoons of salt.

1 onion.

1 lump of sugar.

Dissolve the butter in a large saucepan and place in the peas, the onion

sliced, the lettuce and mint thoroughly washed, the water, salt, and

sugar. Boil for one and a half hours, strain through a wire sieve,

rubbing the peas through with a wooden spoon.

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Green Pea Soup No 1

Take a knuckle of veal of about four pounds, chop it in pieces, and set

it on the fire in about six quarts of water, with a small piece of lean

ham, three or four blades of mace, the same of cloves, about two dozen

peppercorns, white and black, a small bundle of sweet herbs and parsley,

and a crust of French roll toasted crisp. Cover close, and let it boil

very gently over a slow fire till reduced to one half; then strain it

off, and add a full pint of young green peas, a fine lettuce, cut small,

four heads of celery, washed and cut small, about a quarter of a pound

of fresh butter made hot, with a very little flour dredged into it, and

some more lettuce cut small and thrown in. Just fry it a little; put it

into the soup; cover it close, and let it stew gently over a slow fire

two hours. Have a pint of old peas boiled in a pint of water till they

are very tender, then pulp them through a sieve; add it to the soup, and

let it all boil together, putting in a very little salt. There should be

two quarts. Toast or fry some crust of French roll in dice.

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Green Pea Soup No 2

Put one quart of old green peas into a gallon of water, with a bunch of

mint, a crust of bread, and two pounds of fresh meat of any sort. When

these have boiled gently for three hours, strain the pulp through a

colander; then fry spinach, lettuce, beet, and green onions, of each a

handful, not too small, in butter, and one pint of green peas, boiled;

pepper and salt. Mix all together, and let them just boil. The spinach

must not be fried brown, but kept green.

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Green Pea Soup No 3

Boil the shells of your youngest peas in water till all the sweetness is

extracted from them; then strain, and in that liquor boil your peas for

the soup, with whole pepper and salt. When boiled, put them through a

colander; have ready the young peas boiled by themselves; put a good

piece of butter in a frying-pan with some flour, and into that some

lettuce and spinach; fry it till it looks green, and put it into the

soup with the young peas. When the greens are tender, it is done enough.

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Green Pea Soup No 4

Boil a quart of old peas in five quarts of water, with one onion, till

they are soft; then work them through a sieve.--Put the pulp in the

water in which the peas were boiled, with half a pint of young peas, and

two cabbage lettuces, cut in slices; then let it boil half an hour;

pepper and salt, to your taste.--Add a small piece of butter, mixed with

flour, and one tea-spoonful of loaf sugar.

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Green Pea Soup No 5

Make a good stock for your soup of beef, mutton, and veal; season to

your palate; let it stand till cold, then take off all the fat. Take

some old peas, boil them in water, with a sprig of mint and a large

lettuce, strain them through a sieve; mix them with your soup till of

proper thickness. Then add three quarters of a pint of cream; simmer it

up together, and have ready half a pint of young peas, or asparagus,

ready boiled to throw in. If the soup is not of a fine green, pound some

spinach, and put in a little of the juice, but not too much.

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Green Pea Soup No 6

Take a quart of old peas, three or four cabbage lettuces, two heads of

celery, two leeks, one carrot, two or three turnips, two or three old

onions, and a little spinach that has been boiled; put them over the

fire with some good consomme, and let them do gently, till all are very

tender. Rub the whole through a tamis, or hair-sieve; put it in the pot.

Have about half a pint of very young peas, and the hearts of two cabbage

lettuces, cut fine and stewed down in a little broth. Put all together,

with a small faggot of mint, and let it boil gently, skimming it well.

When going to table, put into it fried bread, in dice, or crust of

French roll. This quantity will be sufficient for a terrine.

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