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How To Make A Jelly-bag

(Creams.) - (Nelsons Home Comforts)

The very stout flannel called double-mill, used for ironing blankets, is

a good material for a jelly-bag. Take care that the seam of the bag be

stitched twice, to secure the jelly against unequal filtration. The bag

may, of course, be made any size, but one of twelve or fourteen inches

deep, and seven or eight across the mouth, will be sufficient for

ordinary use. The most convenient way of using the bag is to tie it upon

a hoop the exact size of the outside of its mouth, and to do this tape

should be sewn round it at equal distances.

If there is no jelly-bag in a house, a good substitute may be made thus:

Take a clean cloth folded over corner-ways, and sew it up one side,

making it in the shape of a jelly-bag. Place two chairs back to back,

then take the sewn-up cloth and hang it between the two chairs by

pinning it open to the top bar of each chair. Place a basin underneath

the bag. Here is another substitute: Turn a kitchen stool upside down,

and tie a fine diaper broth napkin, previously rinsed in hot water, to

the four legs, place a basin underneath and strain through the napkin.

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