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(Soups) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Have soup stock ready. Boil in water until tender one cup green peas,
three carrots cut up in small pieces, and some cabbage chopped fine.
Brown two tablespoons of flour in a skillet in hot fat, then stir in the
vegetables. Fry some livers and gizzards of fowls, if handy, and add,
then stir in the strained soup stock.

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From MRS. BERIAH WILKINS, of District of Columbia, Fifth Vice
President, Board of Lady Managers.
This soup should be prepared the day before it is to be served up. One
calf's head, well cleaned and washed. Lay the head in the bottom of a
large pot. One onion; six cloves; ten allspice; one bunch parsley; one
carrot; salt to taste; cover with four quarts of water. Boil three
hours, or until the flesh will slip easily from the bones; take out
the head; chop the meat and tongue very fine; set aside the brains;
remove the soup from the fire; strain carefully and set away until the
next day. An hour before dinner take off all fat and set on as much of
the stock to warm as you need. When it boils drop in a few squares of
the meat you have reserved, as well as the force balls. To prepare
these, rub the yolk of three hard boiled eggs to a paste in a wooden
bowl, adding gradually the brains to moisten them; also a little
butter; mix with these two eggs, beaten light; flour your hands; make
this paste into small balls; drop them into the soup a few minutes
before removing from the fire. A tablespoonful of browned flour and
brown sugar for coloring; rub smooth with the same amount of butter;
let it boil up well; finish the seasoning by the addition of a glass
of sherry. Serve with sliced lemon.

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Julienne Soup

Cut into fine shreds, an inch long, two carrots, two

turnips, two heads of celery, and the white ends of two spring leeks.

Put them into a frying pan, with one ounce of butter, a teaspoonful of

salt, and one lump of cut sugar; simmer until tender, then add a cupful

of stock. Put two quarts of veal stock in a saucepan; add the

vegetables, and a teaspoonful of chopped parsley, a little fresh sorrel

if convenient (wild wood sorrel is the best for julienne) shredded.

Taste for seasoning; boil once, and serve.

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