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(Soups) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

For six persons, select a piece of meat off the neck, about two and
one-half pounds; add three quarts of water, an onion, one celery root,
two carrots, a large potato, some parsley, three tomatoes and the
giblets of poultry. Cook in a closely covered kettle, letting the soup
simmer for four or five hours. Remove every bit of scum that rises.
Strain; add salt and remove every particle of fat; put in noodles; boil
about five minutes and serve at once. If allowed to stand it will become

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Place about 3 pounds of cheap stewing beef in a cook-pot with
sufficient water and cook several hours, until meat is quite tender;
season with salt and pepper. About an hour before serving chop fine 3
medium-sized potatoes and 2 onions and cook in broth until tender. Ten
or fifteen minutes before serving add noodle.
To prepare noodles, break 2 fresh eggs in a bowl, fill 1/2 an egg
shell with cold water, add the eggs, and mix with flour as stiff as
can conveniently be handled. Add a little salt to flour. Divide dough
into sheets, roll on bake-board, spread on cloth a short time and let
dry, but not until too brittle to roll into long, narrow rolls. Cut
this with a sharp knife into thin, thread-like slices, unroll, drop as
many as wished into the stew-pan with the meat and cook about 10 or 15
minutes. Place the meat on a platter and serve the remainder in soup
plates. The remaining noodles (not cooked) may be unrolled and dried
and later cooked in boiling salted water, drained and placed in a dish
and browned butter, containing a few soft, browned crumbs, poured over
them when served. The very fine noodles are generally served with soup
and the broad or medium-sized ones served with brown butter Germans
usually serve with a dish of noodles, either stewed, dried prunes, or
stewed raisins. Both are palatable and healthful.

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Beat three eggs. Add a pinch of salt, and flour sufficient for a
stiff dough; roll into very thin sheets; dredge with flour to avoid
sticking; turn often until dry enough to cut; cut very fine, and add
to the stock five minutes before serving. Season to taste.

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Chinese Noodle Soup.

Peel and fry some small onions. Add 2 stalks of celery, cut into inch
pieces; sprinkle with salt, pepper and curry-powder; add a few
truffles and pour over all 1 cup of stock. Let stew until tender. Then
boil some potatoes; mash smooth with butter and season with curry
sauce. Place a border of mashed potatoes on a platter and put the stew
in the centre; serve hot. Garnish with fried parsley.

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From MRS. SUSAN R. ASHLEY, of Colorado, Sixth Vice President, Board of
Lady Managers.
The day before needed, put two pounds of beef cut from the lower part
of the round, into two quarts of cold water and let come slowly to the
boil, skimming carefully until perfectly clear. When this point is
reached, add a small onion, two stalks of celery, two cloves, and keep
at the boiling point for seven hours; then strain into an earthen bowl
and let cool until next day. A half hour before needed, skim off all
the fat, add pepper and salt to taste; also a half pint of mixed
vegetables which have been cooked in salted water and cut in uniform
dice shape. Let come to a boil, and serve.

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Noodle Soup

Boil two good, fat old chickens until all that is good of them is

extracted for the broth. For the noodles, take two eggs, a pinch of

salt, three tablespoons sweet milk, flour enough to make a stiff

dough. Roll out in two very thin sheets; let dry until they will roll

without breaking. Lay the sheets together, roll up tight, and cut as

fine as possible with a sharp knife into little ribbons. Thrown the

noodles into the boiling broth about twenty minutes before serving.

--Mrs. Werner.

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