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(Salads) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Make a plain grape-fruit salad. When you have it ready to serve, cover
the top thickly with finely chopped almonds or pecans mixed. Pour over

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Equal parts of boiled chestnuts and shredded celery are combined.
Bananas, apples, celery and chestnuts. Dress with mayonnaise and serve
on lettuce leaves.

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Slice two bananas, two oranges and mix them with one-half cup of English
walnuts and the juice of one-half lemon with French dressing. Serve on
lettuce leaves.

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For this use the red bananas. Roll them out of the skin rather than strip
the skin from them, and cut them into slices a half inch thick. Cover the
bottom of your salad bowl with crisp lettuce leaves, then put over the
bananas, allowing one banana to each two persons. Squeeze over the juice of
a lemon, and, when ready to serve, baste with French dressing.

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Watercress And Walnut Salad

Crack fifty walnuts and remove the meats as nearly as possible in

unbroken halves. Squeeze over them the juice of two large lemons, or

three small ones, and leave them for several hours, or a day if

convenient. Just before dinner pick over in a cool place one quart of

watercress, wash it carefully and drain on a napkin. At the last moment

drench the cress with French dressing, spread the nuts over it, give

them a generous sprinkling of the dressing and serve.

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Pea And Nut Salad

Use one cupful of chopped pecan nuts to three cupfuls of French peas.

Serve on lettuce with mayonnaise.

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19 Walnut Salad No 1

Crack and parboil 1/2 a lb. of English walnuts, rub off the brown skin

and when cold serve on lettuce leaves, with a French dressing.

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20 Walnut Salad No 2

Crack 1/2 a pound of English walnuts very carefully, to keep them in

halves, make little balls of cream cheese and put half a walnut on each

side (like the cream walnut candy) lay them on lettuce leaves, pour a

French dressing over and serve with hot toasted crackers.

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Chicken And Nut Salad

Mix two tablespoons cold cooked chicken or fowl cut in cubes with one

tablespoon finely chopped celery and one-half tablespoon English

walnut meats browned in oven with one-eighth teaspoon butter and a few

grains salt, then broken in pieces. Moisten with mayonnaise dressing.

Mound and garnish with curled celery, tips of celery, and whole nut


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