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Cut the stems off of young okra pods and boil in water until the seeds
turn red, which should be in half an hour. Drain and toss in a pan
with butter, salt, pepper and cayenne.

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Take one quart of ripe tomatoes, stew with one quart of okra, cut into
small rings. Put this on to boil with about two quarts or water and a
piece of soup meat (no bone), chop up an onion, a carrot and a sprig of
parsley, add this to the soup. Fricassee one chicken with some rice,
dish up with the soup, putting a piece of chicken and one tablespoon of
rice into each soup plate before adding the soup. Let the soup simmer
four or five hours; season with salt and pepper. A little corn and Lima
beans may be added; they should be cooked with the soup for several
hours. Cut the soup meat into small cubes and leave in the soup to

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Wash and cut off the ends of young pods, cover with boiling salted water
and cook about twenty minutes, until tender. Drain, add cream (a scant
cup to a quart of okra), a tablespoon of butter, and salt and pepper to
taste. Another way of stewing is to cook it with tomatoes. To a pint of
okra pods, washed and sliced, allow a dozen ripe tomatoes, peeled and
sliced, and one medium-sized onion. Stew slowly for an hour, adding one
tablespoon of butter, a scant teaspoon of salt and pepper to season. No
water will be required, the tomato juice sufficing. In the West Indies
lemon juice and cayenne are also added to stewed okra.

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From MRS. ALICE B. CASTLEMAN, of Kentucky, Alternate Lady Manager.
Take a young chicken or a half grown one; cut up; roll it in salt,
pepper and flour, and fry it a nice brown, using lard or drippings as
if for a fricassee. Cut up a quart of fresh green okra and take out
the chicken and fry the okra in the same lard. When well browned,
return the chicken to the pot and boil. Add to it a large slice of
ham--a quarter of a pound will be about right for this gumbo. Pour on
to the chicken, ham and okra half a gallon of boiling water and let it
boil down to three pints. Ten minutes before serving, pour into the
boiling soup two dozen fine oysters, with half a pint of their liquor;
let it come to a good boil and serve with well-boiled rice._--La
Cuisine Creole._

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Boiled Okra Or Gumbo

The long seed pod is the edible part of this plant, it can be canned or

dried for winter use. If dried let it soak an hour or so before using.

To cook, cut the pods in rings, boil them in salted water until tender

which will be in about twenty minutes. Add butter, salt, pepper and

cream. Thin muslin bags are sometimes made to hold the whole pods

without breaking. After boiling tender, pour them out, season with

butter, salt and pepper and bake for five minutes.

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Fried Okra

Cut it lengthwise, salt and pepper it, roll it in flour and fry in

butter, lard or drippings.

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Okra Fritters

Boil the okra, cut in slices, make a batter as for batter cakes, dip the

okra in and fry in plenty of hot lard.

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Okra Gumbo Soup

Use two quarts of tomatoes to one quart of okra cut in rings; put them

over the fire with about three quarts of water and let the mixture come

to a boil; take one chicken; cut it up and fry brown with plenty of

gravy; put it in with the okra and tomatoes; add several small onions

chopped fine, a little corn and lima beans, if they are at hand, and

salt and pepper. Let all simmer gently for several hours. To be served

with a tablespoonful of rice and a green garden pepper cut fine to each

soup plate.

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16 Okra And Corn Fricassee

In a skillet melt and heat 1/2 of a cupful of lard or bacon fat. When

smoking turn in 1 pt. of sliced okra and stir occasionally until it

begins to color. Add three cupfuls of sliced raw corn and when it is

lightly browned pour off nearly all the fat. Dredge in 1 tablespoonful

of flour, stir until it is absorbed, then add 2/3 of a cupful of milk

and stir occasionally for 15 minutes, seasoning to taste From "Table

Talk," Phila.

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This vegetable grows in almost every state in the Union and is used

extensively in soups. When young it is good boiled in salted water until

tender, drained, and heated for five minutes with cream, butter, salt

and pepper.

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Okra And Tomatoes

A quart of fresh or canned tomatoes--if fresh, skin in the usual

way--cut them in quarters and put over the fire, let them boil until a

great deal of the water has evaporated, then add a pint of fresh okra,

cut in slices, cook until tender, season with a generous heaping

tablespoonful of butter, and pepper and salt to taste.

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