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(Preserved Fruit) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

The white part between the yellow rind and the inner skin of the orange
used to be most sedulously removed, but now we know that there is great
economy in using it. By doing so we can use large quantities of water in
proportion to fruit, for it has the property of converting this into
The Seville orange used to be the orange used in Scotland and England
for marmalades because of its bitter flavor, but we can get the same
effect by using the grapefruit. An all grapefruit marmalade is not
nearly so attractive and pretty as one of combined fruits, nor does it
have the zest that the grapefruit seems to give to a marmalade where it
is only one of the constituents.

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Cut three pounds of pie plant into small pieces (unpeeled). Peel three
oranges and cut into small pieces. Put with this two cups of sugar and
the grated rind of one orange. Let stand overnight. Cook until clear,
stirring often. Then add three pounds of granulated sugar heated in
oven. Cook until clear; ten to twenty minutes. Pour into jelly glasses
and cover with paraffin.

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Slice whole oranges very thin and cut in short pieces after washing
them. Save the seeds. To each pound of sliced oranges add 3 pints of
cold water and let stand 24 hours. Then boil all together until the
chipped rinds are tender. All the seeds should be put in a muslin bag
and boiled with the oranges. Allow all to stand together until next
day, then remove the bag of seeds, and to every pound of boiled fruit
add a half pound of sugar. Boil continuously, stirring all the time,
until the chips are quite clear and the syrup thick as honey on being
dropped on a cold dish. The grated rind and juice of 2 lemons will
improve the taste of marmalade if added at last boiling. When cooked
sufficiently the marmalade should be clear. Pour at once into glass
jars and cover closely.

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To eighteen ripe oranges, use six pounds best white sugar. Grate the
peel from four oranges; reserve for marmalade. (The rinds of the
remainder will not be used). Pare the fruit, removing the white skin
as well as the yellow; slice the oranges; remove all seeds. Put the
fruit and grated peel into a preserving kettle; boil until reduced to
a smooth mass; rub quickly through a colander; stir in the sugar;
return to the stove; boil fast, stirring constantly, one-half hour, or
until thick. Put in glasses, or jars; cover closely when cold.

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Bitter Orange Marmalade


One dozen bitter oranges, three sweet oranges, three lemons. Slice or

shave the bitter oranges and lemons very thin laying aside the pips

in a bowl; pare or slice the sweet oranges. To every pint of fruit add

four pints cold water, cover the pips with water, let stand for

twenty-four hours, boil till quite tender putting the pips in a muslin

bag when ready: to every pound of fruit add one and one half pounds

white sugar and boil till it jellies, from twenty to thirty minutes.

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24 Orange Marmalade Sandwiches

Spread orange marmalade on buttered bread. Put four slices on top of

each other. Put under a weight and when well pressed trim off the crusts

and cut down in thin slices so they will look like jelly cake.

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Apple-orange Marmalade

Take seven pounds of apples, all green, if possible; wash and remove any

imperfections, also the blossom and stem. Cut, but do not core nor peel.

Cut in very small pieces. Three oranges; wash and remove peel, which put

through finest knife of food-chopper, after discarding the inner white

peeling, also seeds. Put the apple on to boil, adding water till it

shows among the fruit, and boil to quite soft; mash fine and put in

jelly bag to drain over night. Boil the juice with the orange pulp, cut

in very small pieces; add the orange peel and cook for twenty minutes,

or till the orange is cooked. Add five (5) pounds of granulated sugar

and let boil until a little in a cold saucer will jell.

This recipe has never been in print to my knowledge and will prove very

satisfactory to the majority of people.

B. F. B.

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Orange Marmalade No 1

To 1 dozen oranges use 4 lemons. Peel four oranges and boil the peel

until you can run a wisp through it. Peel the others and divide all into

sections; remove the seeds and stringy parts, and cut into small pieces.

Grate the yellow rind of 2 of the lemons and squeeze the juice of all,

which add to the orange pulp. When the orange peel is tender, remove the

white part with a sharp knife, and shred the yellow part very fine with

scissors. Add this to the mixture and weigh, and allow an equal weight

of sugar. Boil the pulp ten minutes, then add the sugar and boil thirty

minutes (a steady boil), stirring constantly, as it burns very easily.

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Orange Marmalade No 2

4 lemons, 1 dozen oranges, 2 pounds sugar, 1 quart water. Soak oranges

and lemons in water over night, previously slicing them in very thin,

small pieces. Cook till soft. After partially boiled away, put in the

sugar. This quantity makes twelve or fourteen glasses.

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Orange Marmalade

Select smooth, thin-skinned, juicy oranges. Take twenty-one, and five

lemons. Cut the rind very thin from a third of the fruit, and boil it in

two quarts of water until it can be pierced easily with a broom straw.

Drain from the water and cut in fine strips with scissors, add this to

the pulp of the oranges and lemons after removing all the white bitter

skin and pips from the fruit. Weigh and allow a pound of sugar to a

pound of fruit, put in a porcelain-lined or granite-ware kettle and cook

until clear. Put in glasses and when cold cover with brandied paper and


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Orange Marmalade

6 oranges

2 lemons

Slice in small pieces, add six pints of water and let stand in covered

dish for 24 hours. Then boil 1 1/4 hours; let stand another 24 hours.

Then add pint for pint of sugar with the mixture and boil until it

jells. (About 45 minutes).

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