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Orange Marmalade No 1

(Preserves And Jams.) - (The Cookery Blue Book)

To 1 dozen oranges use 4 lemons. Peel four oranges and boil the peel

until you can run a wisp through it. Peel the others and divide all into

sections; remove the seeds and stringy parts, and cut into small pieces.

Grate the yellow rind of 2 of the lemons and squeeze the juice of all,

which add to the orange pulp. When the orange peel is tender, remove the

white part with a sharp knife, and shred the yellow part very fine with

scissors. Add this to the mixture and weigh, and allow an equal weight

of sugar. Boil the pulp ten minutes, then add the sugar and boil thirty

minutes (a steady boil), stirring constantly, as it burns very easily.

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Orange Marmalade No 1

Pare your oranges very thin, and lay them in water two or three days,

changing the water twice a day; then take them out, and dry them with a

linen cloth. Take their weight in sugar beat fine; cut the oranges in

halves, take out the pulp, pick out the seeds, and take off the skins

carefully. Boil the rinds very tender in a linen cloth; cut them in

strips whilst hot, and lay them in the pan in which you design to boil

the marmalade. Put a layer of sugar, and a layer of orange rinds,

alternately, till all are in; let them stand till the sugar is quite

dissolved; add the juice of a lemon; set them on a stove, and let them

boil fast till nearly done; then put in the pulp, and boil them again

till quite done. Take them off, and add the juice of a lemon; let them

stand in pots for a few days, and they will be fit for eating.

Lemon marmalade may be done in the same way, only with a much greater

quantity of sugar, or sugar mixed with sugar-candy.

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