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Palestine Soup

(Soups And Chowders) - (Joe Tilden's Recipes For Epicures)

Slice two or three Jerusalem artichokes and place in two quarts
of boiling water. Cook for one and one-half hours. Then rub the
artichokes through a colander and add to them one pint of the water
in which they were boiled. Stir in two tablespoonfuls of flour rubbed
into the same amount of butter. Add two cups of milk and boil for ten
minutes. Season with salt and pepper and serve with croutons.

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Stew a knuckle of veal, and a calf's foot, and one pound of
_chorissa_, and a large fowl, in four quarts of water, add a piece of
fresh lemon peel, six Jerusalem artichokes, a bunch of sweet herbs,
a little salt and white pepper, and a little nutmeg, and a blade of
mace; when the fowl is thoroughly done, remove the white parts to
prepare for thickening, and let the rest continue stewing till the
stock is sufficiently strong, the white parts of the fowl must be
pounded and sprinkled with flower or ground rice, and stirred in the
soup after it has been strained, until it thickens.

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Three pounds of Jerusalem artichokes, two quarts of stock, one onion,
one turnip, one head of celery, pepper and salt to taste. Peel and cut
the vegetables into slices and boil them in stock until tender, then rub
through a hair sieve. Beat the yolks of three eggs, add to the soup,
and stir over the fire till just to the boiling point. The soup should
be about the thickness of rich cream. If not thick enough, a little
potato flour may be added.

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Palestine Soup


Wash and pare two pounds of artichokes and put them in a stewpan with a

slice of butter, two or three strips of bacon rind, which have been

scalded and scraped and two bay leaves. Put the lid on the stew pan and

let the vegetables "sweat" over the fire for eight or ten minutes,

shaking the pan occasionally to keep them from sticking. Pour on water

to cover the artichokes and stew gently till soft. Rub them through a

sieve, mix the liquor they were boiled in with them, make the soup hot

and add boiling milk until it is as thick as double cream. Add pepper

and salt to taste. Just before serving, mix with the soup a quarter of a

pint of hot cream. This addition will be a valuable one, but may be

dispensed with.

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