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(Confectionary.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Take oatmeal, clean picked and well beaten; steep it in water all night;

strain and boil it in a pipkin, with some currants, a blade or two of

mace, and a little salt. When it is well boiled, take it off; and put in

the yolks of two or three new-laid eggs, beaten with rose-water. Set it

on a gentle fire, and stir it that it may not curdle. Sweeten with

sugar, and put in a little nutmeg.

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Boil a chicken till rather more than half done in a quart of water,
take of the skin, cut off the white parts when cold, and pound it to
a paste in a mortar, with a small quantity of the liquor it was boiled
in, season with salt, a little nutmeg, and the least piece of lemon
peel; boil it gently, and make it with the liquor in which the fowl
has been boiled of the required consistency. It should be rather
thicker than cream.

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Meat Panada For Invalids And Infants

First, roast whatever kind of meat is intended to be made into panada,

and, while it is yet hot, chop up all the lean thereof as fine as

possible, and put this with all the gravy that has run from the meat on

the plate into a small saucepan with an equal quantity of crumb of bread

previously soaked in hot water; season with a little salt (and, if

allowed, pepper), stir all together on the fire for ten minutes, and

give it in small quantities at a time. This kind of meat panada is well

adapted as a nutritious and easily-digested kind of food for old people

who have lost the power of mastication, and also for very young


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Cracker Panada 100 Calories

4 hard crackers

1 quart water


Break crackers into pieces and bake quite brown; add water and boil

fifteen minutes, allow to stand three or four minutes. Strain off the

liquid through a fine wire sieve; season with salt and a little sugar.

This is a nourishing beverage for infants that are teething, and with

the addition of a little wine and nutmeg, is often prescribed for

invalids recovering from a fever.

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Bread Panada 162 Calories

1 1/2 cups water

1 tablespoon sugar

2 tablespoons stale white bread crumbs

1/4 cup white wine

1 tablespoon lemon juice


Put water and sugar on to cook, just before it commences to boil add the

bread crumbs; stir well, and let it boil three or four minutes. Add the

wine, lemon and a grating of nutmeg; let it boil up once more, remove

from fire, and keep it closely covered until it is wanted for use.

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Rice Panada

Boil half a pound of rice, (which costs five cents,)

quarter of a pound of suet, (at two cents,) with one tablespoonful of

salt, and one of sugar, (cost one cent,) fast in boiling water for

fifteen minutes; meantime mix half a pound of flour, (cost two cents,)

gradually with one quart of water, and one gill of molasses, (cost two

cents;) stir this into the boiling rice, and boil it for about five

minutes; this makes a nice supper of over five pounds of good,

nutritious food for twelve cents.

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