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(German) - (Pennsylvania Germans)

Scrape and boil 5 or 6 parsnips in salted water until tender and
drain. If old parsnips, cut out the centre, as it is tough and woody.
Mash parsnips fine, add 1 egg yolk (white beaten separately), and
added last a little salt, 1 large tablespoonful flour, 1/4 teaspoonful
baking powder, mold into small cakes, dredge with flour, and fry
quickly to a golden brown in a tablespoonful of butter and one of
drippings. Serve at once.

Other Recipes

Parsnip Fritters

Scrape and halve the parsnips, boil tender in salted water, mash smooth,

picking out the woody bits; then add a beaten egg to every four

parsnips, a tablespoonful of flour, pepper and salt to taste, and enough

milk to make into a thin batter; drop by the tablespoonful into hot

lard, and fry brown. Drain into a hot colander and dish.

Other Recipes

Parsnip Fritters

Wash and scrape them and cut in slices, cover them with boiling water,

cook until tender, mash them through a colander, return them to the

fire, add to two large parsnips, a tablespoonful of butter, salt and

pepper to taste, and one egg beaten well. Mix thoroughly, remove from

the fire, and when cool make into small flat cakes and fry in a little

butter. Serve hot.

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