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(Cold Dishes) - (Ice Creams, Water Ices, Frozen Puddings)

1 pint of cooked chopped chicken
1/2 pint of milk
2 level tablespoonfuls of butter
1 teaspoonful of salt
1 level tablespoonful of flour
1 tablespoonful of granulated gelatin
1 saltspoonful of white pepper
1/2 pint of cream
Rub the butter and the flour together over the fire, add the milk, stir
until boiling, and add the gelatin that has been soaked in a couple of
tablespoonfuls of cold water for fifteen minutes. Add the salt, pepper and
chicken, mix thoroughly and stand it aside to cool. Beat the cream to a
stiff froth. Make a half cupful of mayonnaise from the yolk of one egg
and eight tablespoonfuls of olive oil; stir the cream gradually into the
mayonnaise and then add it carefully to the cold chicken mixture. Turn it
into an ordinary melon pudding mold, cover closely and stand it in a bucket
of cracked ice and salt. It is wise to bind the cover seam to keep out the
salt water. When slightly frozen, which will take about two hours, remove
the lid, turn out the mousse, cover the top with first a ring of hard
boiled whites, chopped fine, then a ring of finely chopped parsley, inside
this a ring of the yolks of the eggs pressed through a sieve, and right in
the centre a sprig of curly parsley. Send at once to the table. Lobster,
crab flakes and cold roasted game may be used according to this recipe.
This will serve eight persons at a reception. At a luncheon only six

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