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(Philadelphia Ice Creams) - (Ice Creams, Water Ices, Frozen Puddings)

1 pint of strong black coffee
1/2 cupful of sugar
1/2 pint can of condensed milk
1 teaspoonful of vanilla
Add the sugar to the hot coffee, and stir until it is dissolved; add the
milk, using water enough to rinse out the cans; add the vanilla. When the
mixture is cold, freeze, turning it rapidly toward the end of the freezing.
This will serve four persons.

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Fill the glasses with sliced peaches; cover with orange or lemon juice;
sweeten to taste; add a little shaved ice and serve.
Apricot and cherry cocktails may be made in the same way.

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Peel fine, ripe freestone peaches. Cover plentifully with pulverized
sugar, and serve with whipped cream. The cream should be ice cold.
Peaches should not be sliced until just before dining, or they will be
very apt to change color.

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Pare the fruit, leave it whole and put on to boil with sweetened water.
Add a few cloves (remove the heads), also a stick of cinnamon bark. Boil
the peaches until tender, then take up with a perforated skimmer and lay
them in your fruit dish. Boil the syrup until thick, then pour over the
peaches. Eat cold with sweet cream. Common cheap peaches make a very
nice dessert, cooked in the above manner, clings especially, which
cannot be used to cut up.

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Take large, solid peaches, pour boiling water over them so that the skin
may be removed smoothly. Have ready thick syrup made of sugar and water.
When boiling hot add peaches and boil about five minutes; remove and
place in ice chest. When ready to serve have a sweet cracker on dish,
place peach on same and pour over this a raspberry jelly slightly
thinned and cover all with salted almonds or walnuts. Other fruits may
be treated in like manner.

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Make a dough of a quart of flour and a pint of milk, or water, a
tablespoon of shortening, a pinch of salt, one egg and a spoon of sugar;
add a piece of compressed yeast, which has previously been dissolved in
water. Let the dough raise for three hours. In the meantime make a
compote of peaches by stewing them with sugar and spices, such as
cinnamon and cloves. Stew enough to answer for both sauce and filling.
When raised, flour the baking-board and roll out the dough half an inch
thick. Cut cakes out of it with a tumbler, brush the edges with white of
egg, put a teaspoon of peach compote in the centre of a cake and cover
it with another layer of cake and press the edges firmly together. Steam
over boiling water and serve with peach sauce. A delicious dessert may
also be made by letting the dough rise another half hour after being
rolled out, and before cutting.
Compote of huckleberries may be used with these dumplings instead of
peaches, if so desired.

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Grease your cake-pans thoroughly with good clarified butter, then line
them with a rich coffee cake dough which has been rolled very thin and
set in a warm place to rise. Then pare and quarter enough peaches to
cover the dough. Lay the peaches in rows and sweeten and set in oven to
bake. Make a meringue quickly as possible and pour over the cakes and
bake a light brown.

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Make a sponge cake batter of four eggs, one cup of pulverized sugar, a
pinch of salt and one cup of flour. Beat the eggs with the sugar until
very light. Beat until the consistency of dough and add the grated peel
of a lemon, and last the sifted flour. No baking-powder necessary. Bake
in jelly tins. Cut the peaches quite fine and sugar bountifully. Put
between layers. Eat with cream.
The same recipe may be used for Strawberry Shortcake.

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One cup of butter, and a little salt; cut through just enough flour to
thoroughly mix, a cup of ice-water, one whole egg and the yolks of two
eggs mixed with a tablespoon of brown sugar. Add to the flour in which
you have previously sifted two teaspoons of baking-powder. Handle the
dough as little as possible in mixing. Bake in round rings in a hot oven
until a light brown. When baked, sift pulverized sugar over the top and
fill the hollow centre with a compote of peaches. Heap whipped cream or
ice-cream on top of each one, the latter being preferable.

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Line a pie-plate with a rich crust and bake, then fill with a layer of
sweetened grated peaches which have had a few pounded peach kernels
added to them. Whip one cup of rich cream, sweeten and flavor and spread
over the peaches. Set in ice-chest until wanted.

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Line a pie-plate with a rich pie-crust, cover thickly with peaches that
have been pared and sliced fine (canned peaches may be used when others
are not to be had), adding; sugar and cover with strips of dough; bake

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