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(Preserved Fruit) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Prick the plums with a large needle then weigh them, and to every seven
pounds of fruit use four pounds of white sugar, two ounces of stick
cinnamon, one ounce of cloves and a pint of best pickling vinegar. Boil
the vinegar, sugar and spices, and pour boiling hot over the fruit,
which must be packed in a large jar; repeat this three times. While the
vinegar boils the third time, pack the plums in glass jars and pour the
syrup over the plums. When cold seal.
Take fine, ripe melons, pare, take out the seeds and wash, cut into
slices about three inches long and two inches wide, lay them in a stone
jar and cover with vinegar for twenty-four hours or longer. Then lay the
fruit on a clean board to drip; and throw away one quart of the vinegar
to each quart remaining. Allow three pounds and 1/2 of white sugar to a
dozen small cantaloupes, three ounces of stick cinnamon, one ounce of
cloves (remove the soft heads) and two ounces of allspice (whole
spices). Boil the spices, vinegar and sugar, adding a pint of fresh
vinegar to the old. When well skimmed put in the melons, boil fifteen
minutes, twenty is still better; take out the fruit, put it in jars and
boil the syrup awhile longer. Skim it again and pour boiling hot upon
the fruit. Seal when cold.

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German Pickled Plums Or Peaches

One pint vinegar, seven pounds plums or peaches, three pounds sugar, one

ounce cinnamon (whole), one ounce cloves (whole), a layer of plums,

layer of spice, layer of sugar. Have your vinegar scalded and pour over

the plums, going through this process for three successive days. Put all

in a kettle and let them come to a boil, and they are ready for use.

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