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(Cereals) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Put two cups of water on to boil, add juice of two tomatoes and a pinch
of salt. When boiling, add one cup of rice and let cook until the water
has evaporated. Then add melted butter, mix well, and keep in warm
place, covered, until ready to serve.

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Follow recipe below but substitute cooked lamb for the chicken, and add
chicken livers fried and cut in small pieces.

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Soak one cup of rice in cold water for one hour. Pour off the water, and
put the rice with two cups of soup stock and one-quarter of a white
onion on to boil. Stew until the rice absorbs all the stock. Stew
one-half can of tomatoes thoroughly and season with olive oil or
chicken-fat, salt and pepper. Mix it with the rice.
Sauté in chicken-fat to a light color, a jointed chicken slightly
parboiled, or slices of cold cooked chicken or turkey. Make a depression
in the rice and tomato, put in the chicken and two tablespoons of olive
oil or chicken-fat, and stew all together for twenty minutes. Serve on
a platter in a smooth mound, the red rice surrounding the fowl.

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