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(Salads And Sauces) - (The Art Of Living In Australia)

Slice up some cold boiled potatoes. Sprinkle with salt, pepper, and
chopped parsley. Mix the oil and vinegar together in the proportion of
two of oil to one of vinegar; pour this over, let it stand for an hour,
and serve.

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Boil ten potatoes (small, round ones preferred) in their skins. When
done, peel them while, still hot and slice in thin, round slices. Spread
over the potatoes one onion, sliced fine, and sprinkle generously with
salt and pepper, add one tablespoon of mustard seed, one-half tablespoon
of celery seed, and one-half tablespoon of sugar.
Beat one egg until light, pour two tablespoons of goose or chicken fat,
melted, over the eggs, stir well, add one-half cup of vinegar, pour over
the seasoned potatoes: then add one-quarter cup of hot water and if
necessary, add a little more vinegar, salt or pepper. One or two chopped
hard-boiled eggs added improves the salad. Line a salad bowl with
lettuce leaves, pour in the salad and decorate the top with grated
hard-boiled eggs.
Melted butter may be used if for a milk meal or heated olive oil for a
parve salad in place of the melted fat.

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Boil one quart of small potatoes, Bermuda potatoes are best. Do not peel
them, just wash and scrub the potatoes thoroughly in cold water. Put
them in a kettle with enough cold water, slightly salted, just to cover
them; stand them over a brisk fire with the kettle covered until the
water begins to boil; then turn down the heat, lift the cover of the
kettle slightly and let the potatoes cook slowly till done. Drain off
the water and stand the potatoes where they will get cold. But do not
put them in a refrigerator. When quite cold, peel the potatoes and slice
them very thin in a salad bowl. To every two layers of potato slices
sprinkle over a very light layer of white onions sliced very thin. Texas
onions are particularly fine for this purpose.
When the salad bowl is well filled pour over the salad a French dressing
made of equal parts of oil and vinegar; let the vinegar be part
tarragon; use a palatable amount of salt and pepper. When ready to
serve, cover the surface of the salad with a stiff mayonnaise in which a
suggestion of cream has been mixed. Ornament with quarters of
hard-boiled eggs, boiled beets cut in fancy slices and a fringe of
parsley around the edge of the bowl.

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Put into a bowl two tablespoons of olive oil, one tablespoon of sugar,
one teaspoon of salt, some pepper and one tablespoon of vinegar and mix
all together. Cut into this in slices six hot potatoes. Then cut into
small pieces two small onions, a little garlic, some parsley, six
stuffed olives, three hearts of celery (or the end of it), six radishes,
three slices of red beets and two hard-boiled eggs. Add this to the
gravy in the bowl, mix well, and season to taste. Put all into a glass
dish and pour over this a prepared mayonnaise dressing. Decorate with
parsley, olives (whole), some lettuce and put in the centre some celery

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Boil one dozen small potatoes without paring. Remove the skin and cut
potatoes size of dice, also a small onion, finely minced. Put small
pieces of bacon in a pan and fry brown and crisp. Add a large
tablespoonful of vinegar and a pinch of salt. Pour the hot bacon fat
and vinegar over the diced potatoes, toss them up lightly with a fork
and serve hot.

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A bowl of cold, boiled, diced or thinly-sliced potatoes, three hard
boiled eggs, also diced, and about half the quantity of celery chopped
in half-inch pieces, and a little minced onion, just enough to give a
suspicion of its presence. She mixed all together lightly with a
silver fork and mixed through some of the following salad dressing,
which is fine for anything requiring a cold salad dressing.

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The yolks of five eggs, five tablespoonfuls vinegar; cook until thick;
then, just before using, add three tablespoonfuls melted butter; beat
to a cream. Put in pepper, salt, and mustard to taste, one onion
(chopped fine), and three-fourths cup of cream. Slice potatoes thin,
and pour dressing over.

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After frying ham, put one-fourth cup of the hot fryings into a skillet
with one cup of good vinegar, one tablespoon of sugar; let boil a
moment. Slice hot boiled potatoes into your salad bowl; season with
pepper and salt, and one onion, chopped fine. Pour over this the hot
vinegar, and mix well. Garnish with hard boiled eggs. Early in the
spring young dandelions added to this are very nice.

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One gallon cold and thinly sliced good potatoes, six small onions,
sliced thin. Sprinkle very freely with salt and pepper.
DRESSING.--Yolks of nine fresh eggs, two teaspoonfuls of ground
mustard, a pinch of cayenne pepper, one cup of sugar, one cup of good
cider vinegar, one-half cup butter. Boil the above mixture, and add
one pint of thick sweet cream when the mixture is almost cold. Two
small cucumbers sliced will greatly improve this salad.

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Add the well beaten yolks of five eggs to five tablespoonfuls of
boiling vinegar; cook until it thickens, stirring constantly. Remove
from the fire. Add two tablespoonfuls butter, and stir until cool.
Season with one teaspoon mustard, one of salt, one tablespoon of
sugar, pinch of cayenne pepper, one cup of cream. Use oil in place of
butter, if preferred.

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Belgian Potato Salad.

Heat 2 tablespoonfuls of butter. Mix with 2 tablespoonfuls of flour
until smooth; add 1 cup of milk; let boil up. Then add 1 cup of minced
veal, some parsley, salt, pepper and nutmeg to taste. Stir in the
yolks of 2 eggs. Remove from the fire; let cool. Beat the whites to a
stiff froth; add to the meat. Put in a buttered baking-dish and bake
twenty minutes. Serve at once.

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