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(Soups) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Boil and mash three or four potatoes, one tablespoon of butter, one-half
tablespoon of flour, and one teaspoon of chopped onion, letting the
onion cook in the butter a few minutes before adding the flour. When
this is cooked add to it a pint of milk, making a thin, white sauce. Add
this to the mashed potato and pass the whole through a strainer. Return
it to the fire for a few minutes to heat and blend it. Season it with
salt and pepper. Sprinkle on the soup chopped parsley and a few
For Fleischig Soup.--This soup may be made with fat instead of butter,
and the water in which the potatoes have been boiled may be used instead
of the milk; any left-over meat gravy will give the soup a rich flavor.

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After stewing veal, use the stock. Slice four or five potatoes very
thin; lay them in cold water until thirty minutes before serving; add
them to the stock, with sufficient salt and pepper. Beat one
tablespoon of butter and one tablespoon of flour to cream; add to this
one pint milk; stir in the soup just before serving. This can be made
without meat by adding more butter and milk.

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Slice four ordinary-sized potatoes into one quart of boiling water.
When done add one quart milk; into this slice one onion. Thicken just
before serving with one egg rubbed into as much flour as it will
moisten. Pepper and salt to taste.

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Potato Soup

Use the water in which the potatoes were boiled, add three

tablespoonfuls of mashed potato to a pint of water, and as much rich

milk as there is water used, season with salt and a dust of cayenne

pepper, a little juice of lemon or a little minced parsley or tarragon.

Serve with crackers or croutons.

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Potato Soup For Six Persons

Peel and chop four onions, and put them into a gallon saucepan, with two

ounces of dripping fat, or butter, or a bit of fat bacon; add rather

better than three quarts of water, and set the whole to boil on the fire

for ten minutes; then throw in four pounds of peeled and sliced-up

potatoes, pepper and salt, and with a wooden spoon stir the soup on the

fire for about twenty-five minutes, by which time the potatoes will be

done to a pulp, and the soup ready for dinner or breakfast.

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Potato Soup

To one gallon of water add six large potatoes chopped fine, one

teacupful rice, butter the size of an egg, one tablespoonful flour. Work

butter and flour together and add one teacupful sweet cream just before

taking from the fire. Boil one hour.

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Potato Soup

Wash and peel two dozen small sized potatoes; put them

into a saucepan with two onions; add three quarts of corned-beef water;

boil for one hour and a half until the potatoes fall to pieces. Pour the

soup through a sieve, and rub the potato through it to a fine pulp; put

the whole into the saucepan again; when very hot add a pint of hot rich

cream, salt and pepper, if necessary; whisk thoroughly; pour into a

tureen, add croutons, and serve.

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Potato Soup

Boil and mash fine 4 large mealy potatoes; add 1 egg, a piece of butter

size of an egg, a teaspoonful of salt, 1 teaspoonful celery salt. Boil 1

pint of water and 1 pint of milk together and pour on potatoes boiling

hot. Stir it well, strain and serve.

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Potato Soup

Take four large potatoes, peel and boil them tender in water, mash very

fine with a small tablespoonful of butter, add as much boiling milk as

will make it the right consistency. Boil in as little water as possible

one tablespoonful of turnips and two of carrots cut into dice; when

tender turn all into the soup, add a little cayenne and salt to taste.

Just before serving beat a quarter of a cup of cream with one egg yolk,

remove the soup from the fire and stir the two together as in other

cream soups, and serve at once with fried croutons.

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Potato Soup

(Very suitable for children.)

1 1/2 pounds potatoes.

2 onions.

1 tablespoon sago.

2 pints water.

1/2 pint milk.

1 1/2 ounces butter.

1 teaspoon salt.

1/2 teaspoon pepper.

Peel and slice the potatoes and onions, and fry them for ten minutes in

the butter, but without browning them. Place them in a saucepan with

the water, salt and pepper (the latter should be omitted if for young

children), and boil for an hour; add sago and milk, boil for about ten

minutes, stirring all the time, then rub through a wire sieve with a

wooden spoon, and serve.

Other Recipes

Potato Soup

Five large carrots, two turnips, three large mealy potatoes, seven

onions, three heads of celery; slice them all thin, with a handful of

sweet herbs; put them into one gallon of water, with bones of beef, or a

piece of mutton; let them simmer gently till the vegetables will pulp

through a sieve. Add cayenne pepper, salt, a pint of milk, or half a

pint of cream, with a small piece of butter beaten up with flour.

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