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(Vegetables) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

There are many varieties of radishes, round and long, black, white, and
red. The small red radish may be obtained all year. They are served
uncooked, merely for a relish. The large varieties are peeled, sliced
and salted for the table.
To serve the small ones for table, remove tip end of root, remove the
leaves and have only a small piece of stem on radish. They may be made
to look like a tulip by cutting into six equal parts from the root end,
down three-quarters of the length of the radish.

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How To Serve Radishes

Let every housekeeper try serving radishes in this dainty way. Cut off

the root close to the radish and remove the leaves, leaving about an

inch of the stem. Then cut the skin of the radish from the root toward

the stem, in sections, as is done in removing the skin of an orange in

eighths. The skin can then be peeled carefully back to the stem by

slipping the point of a knife under it, and pulling it gently away from

the heart of the radish. The pure white heart, with the soft pink of

the peeling and the green stem makes a beautiful contrast. If they are

thrown into cold water as fast as they are prepared and allowed to

remain there until the time for serving, they will be much improved,

becoming very crisp and tender. The skin of the young radish should

never be discarded, as it contains properties of the vegetable that

should always be eaten with the heart; and, unless the radish is tough,

it will agree with a delicate stomach much better when eaten with the

peel on. They look very dainty when served in this way, lying on fresh

lettuce leaves, or are beautiful to use with parsley as a garnish for

cold meats.

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