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(Vegetables) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Cut fine on slaw-cutter, put cabbage in a colander, pour boiling water
over it and let it stand over another pan for ten minutes; salt, mix
well, and cut up a sour apple in the cabbage. Heat one tablespoon goose
or soup drippings, brown in this an onion cut fine, add the cabbage and
stew slowly, keep covered. Add a little hot water after it has boiled
about five minutes. When tender add a few cloves, vinegar, brown sugar
and cinnamon to taste, and serve. White cabbage may be cooked in this
Clean cabbage and cut off outside leaves, cut on cabbage-cutter--blanch
as above. Take one tablespoon of butter, put in kettle and let brown,
add cabbage, let simmer about ten minutes, stir and let simmer ten
minutes more. Add about one cup of water, one-fourth cup of vinegar, and
one tablespoon of sugar, salt and pepper to taste. Add one-fourth cup of
raisins and blanched chestnuts and cook until tender, adding to cabbage
just before serving. Take one tablespoon of flour smooth with cold
water, add to cabbage, let cook a few minutes and serve.

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Clean and remove the outer leaves, slice it as thinly as possible, put
it in a saucepan with a large piece of butter, and a tea cup full of
water, salt and pepper; let it stew slowly till very tender.

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Put two or three sticks of cinnamon, salt and pepper, one-half teaspoon
cloves, one onion sliced thin, one bay leaf, two cups of water, three
tablespoons of drippings in saucepan, then add five or six greening
apples, peeled and cut in quarters. Lastly, put in one medium-sized red
cabbage, cut in halves and then sliced very thin. Cook three hours and
then add two tablespoons each of sugar and vinegar; cook one minute

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Shred red cabbage, not too fine, and sprinkle liberally with salt.
Stand in a cool place 24 hours. Then press all moisture from the
cabbage, having it as dry as possible; stand the earthen bowl
containing the cabbage in the sun for a couple of hours. Take a
sufficient quantity of vinegar to cover the cabbage. A little water
may be added to the vinegar if too sour. Add 1 cup sugar to a gallon
of vinegar and a small quantity of celery seed, pepper, mace, allspice
and cinnamon. Boil all about five minutes and pour at once over the
cabbage. The hot vinegar will restore the bright red color to the
cabbage. Keep in stone jar.

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Cook a medium cabbage till it is tender, and all the better if you can
cook it in some soup. When tender, mince it and rub it through a sieve.
Boil at the same time three pounds of chestnuts, skin them, keep ten
whole, and rub the others through the sieve, adding a little milk to make
a purée. Mix the purée with the cabbage, adding salt, pepper, and a lump
of butter the size of a chestnut. Press it into a mold and cook it in a
double saucepan for quarter of an hour. Take it out and decorate with the
whole chestnuts.

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Take ten good tomatoes and cut off the tops, which are to serve as lids.
Remove the insides, and fill with the following mixture: minced veal and
ham, rather more veal than ham, mushrooms tossed in butter, a little
breadcrumb, milk to render it moist, pepper and salt. Put on the covers
and add on each one a scrap of butter. Bake them gently in a fireproof
dish. The following excellent sauce is poured over them five minutes
before taking them out of the oven: Use any stock that you have,
preferably veal, adding the insides of the tomatoes, pepper and salt;
pass this through the wire sieve. Make a _roux_--that is, melt some
butter in a pan, adding flour little by little and stirring until it goes
a brown color. Add to it then your tomatoes that have been through the
sieve, and some more fried mushrooms. Pour this sauce over the whole and
serve very hot.
[_Mme. van Praet_.]

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Red Cabbage Pickle

This is an improvement on saur kraut. Slice a large red cabbage in fine

shreds, place on a large platter and sprinkle well with salt; allow it

to stand three days and then drain. Heat enough vinegar to cover it

nicely, and put in one ounce of whole spices, pepper, cloves, allspice

and mace. Put the cabbage into a stone jar, pour the boiling vinegar

upon it, cover and let stand three days.

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How To Stew Red Cabbages

The use of the red cabbage in this country is confined to its being

pickled almost raw, and eaten in that detestable and injurious state,

whereby its anti-scorbutic powers are annulled.

The red cabbage, when merely boiled with bacon, or with a little butter

and salt, is both nutritious and beneficial in a medicinal point of

view, inasmuch as that it possesses great virtue in all scorbutic and

dartrous affections. On the Continent it is customary to administer it

in such cases in the form of a syrup, and also in a gelatinized state.

The red cabbage, stewed in the following manner, will be found a very

tasty dish:--Slice up the red cabbage rather thin, wash it well, drain

it, and then put it into a saucepan with a little dripping or butter, a

gill of vinegar, pepper and salt; put the lid on, and set the cabbage to

stew slowly on the hob, stirring it occasionally from the bottom to

prevent it from burning; about an hour's gentle stewing will suffice to

cook it thoroughly. All kinds of cabbage or kail are anti-scorbutic


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Red Cabbage No 1

Slice the cabbage very fine crosswise, put it on an earthen dish,

sprinkle a handful of salt over it, cover it with another dish, and let

it stand twenty-four hours. Then put it in a colander to drain, and lay

it in your jar; take white wine vinegar enough to cover it, a little

cloves, mace, and allspice. Put them in whole with one pennyworth of

cochineal, bruised fine; boil it up, and put it over the cabbage, hot,

or cold, which you like best. Cover it close with a cloth till it is

cold, and then tie it over with leather.

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Red Cabbage No 2

Slice the cabbage into a colander, sprinkle each layer with salt, let it

drain two days; then put it into wide-mouthed bottles, pour on it

boiling vinegar, sufficient to cover it, and add a few slices of

beet-root. Cover the bottle with bladder.

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Red Cabbage No 3

Take a firm cabbage cut in quarters; slice it; boil your vinegar with

ginger and pepper; let it stand till cold; then pour it over your

cabbage, and tie it down. It will be fit for use in three weeks.

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