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(Croquettes) - (The New Dr. Price Cookbook)

2 cups chopped chicken
2 tablespoons butter
2 tablespoons flour
1 cup milk
2 teaspoons salt
1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce
1/8 teaspoon paprika
1/8 teaspoon pepper
1 tablespoon chopped parsley
2 eggs
bread crumbs
Melt butter in saucepan; add flour and add cold milk slowly, stirring
until smooth and creamy; add seasoning and parsley. Boil 3 minutes.
Add chicken; mix well and pour out on platter to cool. When cool
enough to handle take a large spoon of the mixture in floured hands;
shape into balls, cones, or oval cakes and put into cold place until
firm. Roll in bread crumbs, then dip in eggs beaten with 2 tablespoons
milk, then in bread crumbs. Lay on plate which has been sprinkled with
bread crumbs. Fry in deep hot fat until brown. Drain and serve.

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To one cup of freshly cooked rice allow one cup of peanut butter, four
tablespoons of minced celery, one teaspoon of grated onion, one
tablespoon of canned tomatoes, and salt and pepper to taste. Mix well;
add the white of one egg, reserving the yolk for coating the croquettes.
Shape into croquettes and let stand in a cold place for an hour, then
coat with the egg yolk mixed with one tablespoon of water and roll in
stale bread crumb dust until well covered. Fry in any hot oil or butter

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Separate the white and yolk of one egg and reserve about half the yolk
for coating the croquette. Beat the rest with the white. Mix with two
cups of boiled or steamed rice and one-half teaspoon of salt, form into
oblong croquettes or small balls. Mix the reserved part of the egg yolk
with a tablespoon of cold water. Dip croquettes in this and then roll in
fine bread crumbs. Repeat until well-coated, then fry brown in deep

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Put on with cold water one cup of rice, and let boil until tender.
Drain, and mix with the rice, one tablespoon of butter, yolks of three
eggs, and pinch of salt. About one tablespoon of flour may be added to
hold the croquettes together. Beat the whites of the three eggs to a
stiff froth, reserving some of the beaten white for egging croquettes,
mix this in last, shape into croquettes and fry in hot oil or butter
substitute. Place on platter and serve with a lump of jelly on each

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Boil 1 cup of well-washed rice in 6 or 8 cups of rapidly-boiling
water, until tender. The rice, when cooked and drained, should fill 3
cups. Prepare a cream sauce of 1 pint of milk, 3 heaping
tablespoonfuls of flour and 2 tablespoons of butter and 2 egg yolks.
Stir in 3 cups of flaky, cooked rice, while rice is still hot. When
the mixture has cooled, mold into small cone shapes with the hands,
stand aside until perfectly cold. Dip the croquettes into the whites
of eggs, then roll them in fine, dried bread crumbs and fry in deep
fat. If a cube of bread browns in the fat in a little longer time than
a half minute, the fat is the right temperature. Eighteen croquettes
were made from this quantity of rice.
Lemon Sauce--To serve with rice croquettes, cream together 1/2 cup of
sugar, 1 tablespoonful of butter, 1 egg, 2 cups of boiling water was
added and all cooked together until the mixture thickened. When cooled
slightly add the juice and grated rind of one lemon. Serve in a
separate bowl, and pass with the croquettes.

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Rice Croquettes

Separate two eggs; add to the yolks one cup of milk and a cup and a half
of white flour; beat thoroughly, add a half teaspoonful of salt, a
teaspoonful of baking powder and one cup of cold boiled rice; stir in the
well-beaten whites, and bake in gem pans in a quick oven twenty minutes.

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Curried Rice Croquettes

Put three-quarters of a cup of milk in a saucepan with butter the size

of an egg, let it come to a boil, and stir into it one large cup and a

half of rice that has been boiled in salted water twenty minutes. Add a

slightly heaping teaspoonful of curry powder, a few drops of onion juice

and salt to taste. When it comes to a boil add a beaten egg to it, stir

a minute and remove from the fire. Turn it out, let it cool, and then

form into cylinders and fry as usual.

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Rice Croquettes

Put three-quarters of a cup of milk in a saucepan over the fire, with a

generous tablespoonful of butter, a heaping teaspoonful of sugar, and

when it comes to a boil add a cup and a half of boiled rice, a

saltspoonful of powdered cinnamon or nutmeg, if preferred, and salt to

taste. Mix well, let it come to a boil and add a beaten egg, remove from

the fire, turn into a plate to get cold, form into cylinders and cook in

boiling fat.

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Rice Croquettes

Boil half a pound of well washed rice, (cost five

cents,) in one quart of cold water, with a level tablespoonful of salt,

half a pint of milk, (cost two cents,) half the yellow rind of a lemon,

or two inches of stick cinnamon, and two ounces of sugar, (cost two

cents,) for half an hour, after it begins to boil, stirring it

occasionally to prevent burning; take it from the fire, stir in one at a

time, the yolks of three eggs, (cost three cents,) and return to the

fire for ten minutes to set the egg; then spread the rice on an oiled

platter, laying it about an inch thick, and let it get cool enough to

handle. When it is cool enough turn it out of the platter upon some

cracker dust spread on the table, cut it in strips one inch wide and

three inches long, roll them into the shape of corks, dip them first in

beaten egg, then in cracker-dust, and fry them golden brown in plenty of

smoking hot fat; lay them on a napkin for a moment to free them from

grease, put them on a dish, dust a little powdered sugar over them, and

serve them. They will cost, including the last mentioned ingredients,

about twenty cents.

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