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Rich Cookies

(Cake.) - (The Cookery Blue Book)

Yolks of 6 eggs, 1/2 roll butter, 1 cup bar sugar, 2-1/2 cups flour. Put

a little of the flour in a deep dish, then add some egg, some butter and

some sugar; then more flour, more egg and more sugar and butter until

the entire amount of ingredients have been used. Roll thin, flour pans

well and put in the cookies, which have been cut into forms and

feathered with whites of egg, sugar and grated almonds. Not too quick an


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Rich Cookies

Rub together, till white, a tea-cup of butter, two of sugar--then stir

in a couple of beaten eggs, a little flour, grate in a nutmeg--dissolve

a tea-spoonful of saleratus in a tea-cup of milk or water, strain it on

to the cake, then add flour till stiff enough to roll out easily. If you

cannot roll out the cake without its sticking to the board and

rolling-pin, (which should be previously floured,) work in more flour,

stamp and cut it into cakes--bake them in a moderately warm oven.

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